Introduction or the I don’t know what is happening right now…

Cool title huh?

Well, I was walking aimlessly one day and something hit me. NO, not a pole or a flying ball (woo fling balls are nice) I want to make a blog.

*DING* (imagine a light bulb right there)

Why not? However the problem lies in one single thing. I have absolutely no idea how to start it, what to do and what to write. Oh well YOLO (for some of you who doesn’t know YOLO, *tsk tsk* you’re missing out man, well…no…not really)

I started searching for “how to’s” in Google and TADA!!! A MILLION WAYS TO START A BLOG! Okay, exaggeration on my part but it helped. So I entered Word Press and here is the result of my brain mindlessly wandering through the gates of hell I call the Internet.

Nah, just kidding, INTERNET IS MY LIFE. *insert sad music here*

Next problem was figuring out what my topic in this thingy would be. Then I thought why the hell not as a mindless adventurer? I mean why not? No, seriously someone answer me WHY NOT? ANSWER ME!

Ok, before I go all Hulk on you guys here’s why. *bring some tissues we’re going deep here*

I lived my life passionate about the arts or the eccentrics. I love the weird stuff that no one seems to care about and I like living inside my mind because its fun. You know how it feels right? right? only me? okay…

Living in optional isolation (coined that one), is like choosing solitude because you prefer to do so, not because you are a social recluse and all that but because you want to have time where you are not stressed out of how to impress people around you that in truth, you don’t really care much about. *bulls eye*

The mind does wonders I tell you. You would not really see the beauty of your own mind enveloped in a creative force field until you stop whatever you’re doing and just think, of what? I don’t know. What do you want to think about?

I like to think about what interests a few people. Like did you know that the virus that started the Black Plague is actually present in Madagascar in a plague in 2014?


See? Weird stuff. But hey, I don’t go searching for “Ways to end humanity” in a whim okay? I just..the virus-y stuff somewhere.

My mind wanders a lot (a bit of a trivia: should have named my blog Mindless Wanderer but someone beat me to it -_-) and that inspired me to create this blog. I would like to welcome all of you the the adventures my mind would take throughout my life. It may be boring to some but hey, worth a shot right?

Let’s take an adventure and see what comes.

Thank you, let’s have fun shall we? Peace out.

– Mindless Adventurer


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