All lies on the way you look at it…..

Today I almost banged my head on the wall in exasperation in thinking “what the h*ll am I going to post today?”

*internally screaming*

So after posting the introduction yesterday, I ended up having thousands of ideas like ‘hey why not write about this, or this, OR this?! Or maybe this one? Ooooh that other one seems nice!’ Okay I get it brain, you want a lot of stuff cramped in your blog.. Woah! Stop right there my head will burst!

I thought maybe, out of all those things I thought about why not something close to home that when I tell people in real life (I actually have friends in real life, huh who would have thought) and they’ll look at me dead in the eye “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

*cue sad music and dark dramatic background* 

I like hospitals.

*boom unfollow* NO WAIT WAIT LEMME EXPLAIN. Don’t go. Please? *sniffle*

I have read and hear of thousands of texts saying that majority of the people in the world, well, hate hospitals, and it confuses me sooooo bad as to why. Then they’d go ranting about *insert snotty bimbo accent* “Cause it’s like so dirty and like people die there and like eww”

*rushes to her and punches her in the face* God! That accent irks me.

No, seriously, people reason out that it is a place of death and suffering, where people spend their last days blah blah blah. A place where the staff take advantage of the patients by being overly bossy and snappy and all around annoying dictator. (well, maybe some)

I understand their point, but it goes to show that everything in this world lies on the cliche concept of, “is the glass half empty or half full?” You see when I was a kid, my sister got hospitalized, it was a private hospital so the surroundings were pretty neat. I got bored staying in her room (spare me I was 5 by then, i think) and I told my parents I wanted to go outside, of course no one wanted to come with me because everyone was worried about my sister, that in all honesty, kind of pissed me of that day (I WAS A KID). So in the end my grandmother came with me.

Happy kid, not knowing the devils that dwell deep in hospitals I roamed the area. But then, the impeccable ADHD kid in me (Self-diagnosis right there), got lost. But you know what? It didn’t scare me at all (well, given that I get lost most of the time, I kind of gotten used to it). It intrigued me that hey, ADVENTURE TIME. In short, I ended up crawling into this little cabinet space that had a magical door that led to the nurses station and ended them practically lecturing me about not wandering of blah blah blah. It was fun.

I had fun……when I got lost……ooooooookaaayyy…..You don’t get it. Well, me neither.

I guess, as a kid I saw it as a nonthreatening playground. I never understood what a hospital really was until I grew older. But hey, up until now, as unorthodox as it may seem, I enjoy being in hospitals.

I see the hospital as a glass half-full kind of place. Its not a place of death, its a place where staff or strangers desperately try and work their hardest to keep your close family member alive. Its not the pay that drives them, I tell you. Its the idea that saving human lives keep their lives meaningful. Its a place where some die, but its also a place where hospital staff cry over the death of a stranger, not because its dramatic and all that *rolls eyes* but because they failed to give someone a chance to live on. Some of them may seem like robots to you, its because they like to look strong because the daily toll of failure for their people would succumb them into a chaos of depression.

I’m not saying this to preach and force you to like hospitals, I mean some of them reaaaaaally stink. But you got to see it as a place of hope rather than death, because nothing strives a good institution than the idea that they are saving human lives.

So if one day, you may visit someone in the hospital. Look at those people huddled in the corner praying or crying, and you’ll see that in the end, people are in the hospitals in search of hope for life.

Like it or not, some people would not be here if it weren’t for that place.

It may sound gruesome for some (it rhymes!!), but I like hospitals.

‘Till the next adventure inside my increasingly annoying brain*

See you. *wink*

– Mindless Adventurer


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