The True Face of Procrastination

A wise man once said, “Its not pronounced as studying….its StuDYING.”

To the nonexistent man I just quoted from, thank you for the most truthful words I have ever read. *sniff* It’s beautiful *tears*

Procrastination or the act of spontaneously postponing whatever you have to do for long periods of time that in the end you are riddled in this confusing state where you have to cram everything at the last minute just to finish the job and you know deep within yourself that even though you regretted that you are so freaking stressed right now you’re still going to procrastinate next day because YOLO (“Amiright?!)

Trust me that definition came from a trusted source *manic laughter* I mean seriously, can you find a better definition of procrastination? Screw dictionaries.

Hmmm…what was I supposed to do today?

Oh right. Study.

AUGH. NO. STOP IT. NO JUST. NO. *kills self with swag* *sepukku* *raises to the heaven and explain to God everything in life*

In short, IF YOU DIDN’T GET THE IDEA BEHIND ALL THIS, I don’t like studying.

Well, no. I used to. I love learning, still do, but nowadays everything seems like you are in a swirling vortex of hell where you are being constantly judged by the grades you receive that in all honesty, some you don’t deserve and some you do, and everything in life revolves around that GPA everyone has been haggling about that it totally pisses you off to an end that everything is measurable by how much you can memorize the totality of the periodic table of elements or how you could carefully analyze the hidden messages in Shakespeare’s work that they promised you could use in real life *gasps for breath*

*heavy breathing* WHY!? 

I mean, I have an exam on Friday and all I could think about is planning on my study schedule and TRYING to stick to it REAL HARD. But the moment I promise myself that I’d start by 2 pm and the clock ticks 2:01 pm then I go to deciding, “well sh*t, 2:30 it is.” then 2:31 strikes and the cycle goes on and on and on and on AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND hey! 12 midnight and I. DID. NOTHING.

I can’t understand why the motivation of studying just flew past the window this couple of years. You admittedly worry about failing a class or getting an F or in my case a 60 and below percentage and its eating you inside to know that you have to study study STUDY study and yet you can’t physically bring yourself to get up and open the book and start fixing your life.

When has studying become a measurement of learning? I guess you have to study to learn, yah, I get that. But, to have the goal to study just so you could get a better grade?!

I mean nah nah nah stop it -_- It destroys the fun in learning.

We are conditioned in the idea that life judges us by what we do in school/university and that pisses me off so bad. When was the last time you actually opened a reference book because you wanted to know something despite knowing that you’ll never use it in class? or to read something because it is highly interesting to you and not because some professor required you to?

I saw this post on the internet and it said, “Do you ever wonder what would happen if you remove the examination system at schools and just coming to learn?” Huh.


Examinations are not bad at all, once in a while. ONCE IN A WHILE. But to let it control a student’s life, then that’s down right wrong. The stress it brings for the person, added to the additional pressure of studying for the past days could totally bring any kid into a breakdown. Then they go questioning why kids rebel these days -_-

I still don’t get why learning comes in the expense of stressing yourself out. I wanted to enjoy learning new stuff like the old days, not nibbling my nails in the idea that I have to read thousands of pages for a 100 item exam. The society just doesn’t get it, and they will never get it unless they see to it in our perspective.

I am not saying not to study, but give us the proper motivation to do so. Not for grades but for fun. People would be amazed at the improvement it may bring.



Now excuse me while I still continue to procrastinate by lying on my bed, occasionally viewing my phone/laptop for updates in Facebook by minute and stressing myself out as to how to physically heave myself up the bed and on the chair and study.

*whimpers* help *sniff*

– Mindless Advenurer


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