The Good Friend that barks….

Photo credit to: Best of Tumblr

ALL HAIL THE DOGS! The most awesome animals in the world! (highly biased comment right there)

I practically DIED from seeing those puppy dog eyes the moment I saw them in the internet. *internally screaming* SO KAWAII 💛 

A dog is man’s bestfriend wait no….any human by gender who is able go render care to this cutie animal #gender equality.

I can’t seem to remember the time before the arrival of my own dog, a shih -tzu, Fluffy. I really hate it when people name their dogs in a bizarre way like wtf bruh, give him a decent one! Once I was laughing so gard at this woman because I came across this dog that is soooooo black (fur, no racism there) and I thought, wow! Cool color. Then this woman came running after it yelling, ” BLACKY BLACKY COME HERE!”

*laughing hysterically* *clutches stomach* 


i wondered how long it took her to look at the dog and go like, “I’LL NAME HIS BLACKY.” 

Another funny story was there was this cage right? Its soooooooo huge like I could literally fit in there comfortably and stretch. So I peeked inside and I saw this huge black rottweiler mix inside. God, just looking at it gave me goosebumps. Then, the owner comes in and yells, “BUBBLES HERE’S YOUR FOOD!”

*ROFL* *gasps for breath* she…she…she-hehe..named the dog FREAKING BUBBLES!

Gaaaaah, humans and their humor. Anyhoo back to story, I got my pup and she was literally the size of my hand, I can pick her up with one hand (*awwww*). The first time she learned how to come up the stairs literally left me gasping for breath from laughter because her behind was wiggling so much to reach each stair that a song popped on my head, “Hips dont’t lie” which threw me in another bout of gut clenching laughter.

I get that some people don’t like dogs, for some unknown reason, but for those who actually chose to change a huge aspect of their life just to welcome the little thke in your house, PRICELESS. Dogs aren ‘t perfect, humans….even more so. But if you smack em together, you create this undeniable bond unbroken by anything else.

But the funny thing is, humans think that they are doing the dog a favor by taking care of it but in reality its the other way around muchacho. Dogs are the ones does us favors by filling our lives with love and laughter everyday. When was the last time you woke up with 2 huge eyes staring at you with that cutey smile in the face? Or the last time you lost your shoe because apparently your dog doesn’t want you to leave the house?

The small seemingly snnoying matters that dogs bring, give us the most important bonding moments with them. And i can’t believe that some people are missing out so much of this joy. Yes,, they may be a tad bit expensive to care for, but for that little smile and wagging tail, I think it prett mych compensates for everything.

I love dogs, even those I see on the street. Unforunately, I know I can ‘t care for them as much as I’d want to. But you know what ? When I become successful one day, I’d build my own pet shelter and help raise abandoned dogs. Huh, dreams.



P.s btw I apologize for not posting anything for yesterday, had one hell of an exam it literally left me speechless that is why I declare fridays as no post days. BUT WHO CARES ABOUT THE PAST IM BACK! See you peeps soon !

Till our next advenure, 😜

– Mindless adventurer


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