2 kinds of Anger…

(A/N: I was watching the Oscars full show on youtube when I paused….”I know I was supposed to do something….hmmmm* BAM!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhh the blog. *facepalm* Well, better late than never. Here it is *wink*)

You’re not human if you have never experienced frustration or anger AT ALL in your life. Why? Life is naturally effed up. You must have been a little pampered snotty kid or a saint if you’re going to tell me that you have never been angry, like  EVER. Not even a bit? …….. Thought so.

But get this, have you ever experienced being soooooo angry that you potentially black out inside your mind but in reality you were spewing countless poisonous words towards the unlucky friend in front of you? It may feel like you are absolutely blank here *points at brain* but so much pain here *points at heart*.

I realized that anger is a necessary human emotion. You can’t go on living like you are if you don’t even experience even the slightest bit of frustration in your life, that would have left a large black hole in your life.

In my life, I have never considered myself as a bitter person filled with anger, why? because I like keeping it in and letting it build up. Weird I know, but so is this blog (hehe). The point is keeping up with the patience to control your emotions so that, you know, you don’t immediately lash out at the person next to you even if they were just saying hello (but you’re so pissed about everything that you scream at him/her anyway)

Pfft, poor kid. *manic laughter*

Then this day came when my mom was interviewed and they asked her how she could tell others what is unique about me. YOU KNOW WHAT SHE WROTE?

“Don’t make her angry…..you’ll regret it.”

*gasps* WHAT!? WHAT THE—?! WH–WHY?! I MEAN… HUH?

 To say I was shocked is the LEAST of it. Like Moooooooooooooooooooooom, why?! *whiny kid accent* I never thought that was what she thought about me! All my life…..*tears*

Nah, just messing with you, I’m not the dramatic type. So anyway, the moment I learned that, I looked at everyone she told to in the eye and said..

You better watch it.” *evil laugh* 

Its so fun messing with other people. Yeah yeah, I’m that type of person deal with it. You could say after that time I looked at myself closely and saw it in my mom’s perspective and I realized, ‘Ogod, she’s right.’ *cue mother knows best song here*.

I undergo 2 basic types of anger: The Wet and The Dry.

(Wtf?! Wet and Dry what does that have to do with anger?!”) Chill bruh, I’ll tell you why.


– (look at the picture at the top) So Dry anger comes this way, remember that snotty bimbo that told the whole school you were a nerd? Or that office mate that took the credit over the job that you’ve done? Remember that feeling? That’s the dry one. You suddenly explode from the fiery depths of hell and you basically dream about killing that annoying person and thinking of a plan on how to murder them without anyone knowing. Its like being overcome with this pure emotion that you can’t think straight at all but the desire to put yourself to justice and kill…okay, maybe not kill, and put that frustrating person in her/his rightful place. Get that image? Now compare it with the next one.



– Its this one. I mean looking at the gif just tears me up (Not ever dramatic huh?) Wet anger involves, well, tears. You are so angry at the person in front of you but instead of potentially blacking out you are overwhelmed by emotion that eventualy brings tears in your eyes. You can’t control it, your voice breaks, you start tearing up, you are frustrated with yourself because you can’t seem to show strength even in defending your point and there you go…..waterworks. Get it? Its frustration + anger + emotional instability.

Now the point is that these two does not differ because of whether emotion is involved or not. Its because of the person who you are angry with. Dry anger is situated with people you have trusted but not cared enough that you were surprised at how much betrayal and disappointment they have given you. Its dry because you see justice in your point, but the wet angry…psssh..this usually comes in to the people you love: the people you have loved/liked, trusted, deposited too much feelings from. These people have so much pull on your emotional status that the moment they break your heart, you can’t help but tear up deep inside and you are left stuttering away for you cannot comprehend as to how they could have failed you.

My anger, as a lot of people, depends on who I am with. It may be intensified depending on how much I trusted them. Same way goes for everyone. But remember, keeping the dry anger deep inside and letting it build up would result to wet anger, whether you like it or not.

My guess is to let it all out. Let it all out. Don’t let it build up deep inside and conquer your feelings in such a way that you can’t control yourself anymore. Screw how people will feel in the receiving end of the conversation.






Saying that, let me just sign up for an anger management class.

Just kidding……or am I? *wink*

See you next time! 🙂

p.s Credits to the story idea from Best of Tumblr in Facebook (ooh the irony)

-Mindless Adventurer


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