The struggles of laziness….

(Okay okay I know, I know. I posted late again. Sorry. Forgive me?)

Lemme get this…lemme get this straight..

I know I had posted something about procrastination a couple of days ago and here I am posting about laziness, “why can’t you think of original ideas blah bablah bablah!” 

Augh, lemme explain.

Procrastination is the sinking feeling of worthlessness deep inside. HAHAHA too sad just kidding *wink*. No, procrastination is the feeling that happens whenever you have to do something, be it work related or school related that utterly kills your motivation. Why? Because you’re not having fun doing it.

So what’s the difference with laziness?”

Good question. I thank you. *waves like a freakin’ beauty queen*

Eughjdrhkg, NO. *cringes at the idea*

Laziness on the other hand, my dearest readers, is the concept that even with nothing to do, like you are not obliged to submit a report or start that head-spitting homework of yours, and you absolutely don’t want to do anything. Just anything, be it hauling your a*s up the bed, or going down the stairs for fetch some clean laundry (so in the end you use the least smelly shirt you have in the bedroom floor, WOW JUST WOW), you cannot seem to find the energy to do even the simplest stuff.

Get it?

Procrastination requires you doing something you don’t want to do that in the end, come on people I know us, we still don’t do, while laziness is having absolutely nothing to do for the day and yet you still don’t do anything. Procrastination requires a job, laziness requires…

Honestly no one wants to be lazy, seriously no one right? At some point in time you dream of yourself getting that sweet job you wanted and having that gorgeous house to live in someday right?

BUT…in the end….”F*ck it, I’m gonna wear sweatpants all day and watch Netflix.”


*BULLSEYE* *evil laugh*

So what happened? What happened to the guy or girl (hash tag gender equality *wink*) who used to dream big, AND WHY is he/she moping around in the room all day?!

I honestly don’t know. I don’t know why you can’t seem to stand up that bed, dress up and get ready for a toothin-smoothin-coolin morning (those are not words self -_-)

SO HERE I STAND, AMONGST MY MEN (AND WOMEN HASH TAG GENDER EQUALITY) TO AROUSE OUR SENSE OF LAZINESS AND STAND UP FOR WHAT WE DESIRE IN OUR HEARTS….Well no wait, I think I’d rather sit thank you..ehem ehem..that’s enough of my speech thank you…back to sleepin’ on the couch.


Laziness isn’t all that bad, I mean come on the human race probably dwells on laziness as a concept of living. Imagine, the most lazy person in the planet during the land before time must have thought that it is boring to walk up thousands of stairs, SO TADA! THE ESCALATOR. Or even that guy who figured out how tiring it is to STAND in the escalator and wait so he thought of the most ingenious idea known to mankind…THE ELEVATOR (I think soon enough we’ll have jet packs just to climb the stairs..maybe..)

Laziness, provides you comfort. It gives you a sense of freedom which admittedly a lot of people desire. The freedom to wear sweatpants all day, the freedom to marathon on 100 movies in a day (wait…i don’t think…meh), or the freedom to wear the same shirt everyday just to justify lessening the amount of laundry (and in the end regretting it BECAUSE. YOU. STINK.)


But hey, it comes to a point where it becomes just plain annoying. You’re not even living, give your body the time to function and do what it does best by cooperating. Since you don’t have to think of any job or school work, instead of spending the day on your bed watching netflix……………….. just bring your laptop to the nearest cafe and smuggle their wifi, THEN watch netflix.

What? You moved right? Kudos to you. *clap clap*

Seriously though, I don’t think you need my nagging to come to realize that you have to do stuff eventually. EVENTUALLY OKAY?! NOT IN A MILLION YEARS -_- (just to get that clear). Prove to yourself that you can walk to your laundry for a fresh pair of pants and go out. Its fun.

Laziness IS an excuse but not to the point of abuse.

…..*processing*…..WOAH it RHYMES! Coined that one.

Start small and develop in yourself how to do things AND HAVE FUN, like you used to. You’d be surprised




p.s I keep winking. HAHA. Sorry for the late post peeps.

See you soon!

– Mindless Adventurer


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