I’m a Type B…

(I’m haggling the wifi outside to post this #badass)

No, I’m not talking about the blood types. -_- I don’t get why people always drive themselves crazy by blood type stereotyping.

i wondered what makes people different from each other, why does this woman like organizing her stuff so much and this other one prefers her desk messy to the point that I could live under that pile of trash and no one will ever know that i was there?

On one hand, you get this woman who ties her hair up in a classy ponytail with EXACTLY 5 twists. After smoothing out her black suit she looks at herself in the mirror and analyzes every detail, no matter how tiny, and fixes it up to look perfect. She organizes her purse whereher wallet is precisely 5 cm from the edge of the bag (to prevent it from bulging out of the bag), her lipstick is in the outside pocket perched upward enough for her to reach it quickly, and she goes off to work.

On the other hand we have this woman who lets her hair fall on her shoulders or maybe keep it in a messy bun. She looks at herself in the mirror for 5 seconds flat and stare at the rugged shirt she is wearing. After stuffing her bag with her wallet and phones in random order, she goes off whistling to work.

See the difference?

The Type A people…. the ones with an incredible knack for OC-ness (Obsessive compulsiveness) and fixing or organizing stuff.

The Type B people…..those who don’t give a da*n.

Last night I had this fight with a friend,well, its not exactly a fight until both parties know that you have actually offended the other party (OH BUT SHE DID), i kept the argument to myself, BUT TRUST ME I WANTED TO HURL THE LAPTOP AT HER FACE.

That was how angry I am.

I could literally imagine strangling her with LOVE *sarcasm* -_-

I just don’t get Type A people. i understand that you have your boundaries in organizing your stuff. I mean it, YOUR STUFF IS YOUR STUFF. I might borrow some, but I’ll return it soon without a fuss. BUT WOAH, when it is your turn to borrow something, you have to make this excessively unnecessary comment about how much I have not taken cared of my stuff that all these go to waste.. *bablah blah bablah*

Look, MY STUFF MY STUFF MY STUUUUFF! I certainly don’t need you opinion on how to care for my stuff.

Augh *blood pressure slowly rising*

Type A people, don’t group with them unless you’re a Type A too. YOU’LL REGRET IT.

Type A people are outcome based. They do their work because of what they get from it, be it a reward, A FREAKIN’ GRADE, or a promotion, whatever it is, you’ll surely lure them in offering these.

Type B people on the other hand, do their work because ITS FUN. We do it because work is supposed to build relationships and develop creatively FUN ideas along the way.

Why not work together?

Good question…. NO.

Rarely does it come that any of the parties can adjust well to the whims of the other. It’d take a huge amount of maturity for them to analyze, compare and improve on themselves in working with each other. Unfortunately, only a small portion of humanity can actually perform this. Most are forced, and some are even against their will.

Type B’s will never be subsumed by the increasingly annoying persistence of Type A’s. Same goes the other way around. You cannot force someone who focuses on logistics in a certain point to think creatively and make fun of the work. Well, maybe some can, but most..can’t.

Let’s just leave it at this. Each type can function effectively when they are in an environment and consort that provides them comfort. Never force a Type B to take things seriously, and never expect a Type A to ‘loosen up’. Establish an environment where they could function solely on their own based on their strengths and weaknesses, be it stressful..but trust me, constantly breaking up fights between these two, because for some awful reason you have decided to combine them together, would be tiresome at best.





To the friend who forced me to work tirelessly last night, despite knowing it is unnecessary, just to finish a job that could have been done THOUSANDS of days ago……¬† I am not going anywhere near you. You test my patience so bad.




p.s (Such an angry post! haha spare me, I need to let it out *wink*)

– Mindless Adventurer


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