Sailor’s Mouth…

(Late post I know huhu forgive me?)

I grew up in a Catholic school (yeah, its a bit usual here in my country) and being “Catholic” and all I grew up as a good girl

*hurls* *pukes* *dies*

I know, I know…my blog doesn’t actually show how much of a good girl I really am (#pleasebelieveme #NO). As all of us know, school has always been a major part of our lives, from primary school to college or universities and no matter how much you deny it, those experiences in your life formed who you are, or who you are not in my case.

Okay….okay….I’ll admit I’m not…that…good a girl.

*hallelujah music*

Why? Because that moment I turned high school, I started cursing. My first word was the S-quad ripple-asterisk (if you cant visualize that, its this: S***) get it? I got so used to saying that word that whenever I accidentally break something or when my pen falls on the ground or when I failed my exam (*tears*) I say, S***.

There’s no point denying that I have a sailor’s mouth, it means you cuss freely, you yell inappropriate things aloud so often that it practically became a habit. You unconsciously say it in your mind whenever you try to control it like those little F-quad ripple-asterisk (F***) in between sentences whenever you bang your little tiny foot in the edge of a counter (don’t even try to deny it).

My feistiness (*rawr* *eeww* NO STAHP) started that young and developed in college, why? I was surrounded by people who curse far…so far..worse than me…and it irked me out at first. Like, every single sentence they have HAS to have a curse word. So there I was all innocent and everything when I started hanging out with these people and I realized something.

Cursing is bad, but that does not make the person evil. I started hanging out with them and i realized, these are not bad people, in fact they are so easy to be with. Everything that comes out of their mouth they say without hesitation, sometimes tact is needed but hey, when you’re with friends, the more truthful the better right?

They curse like sailors so bad that it rubbed off me but not that much. So every time you see in my blog me saying “freakin” that’s me saying the curse word that instinctively sounds like it.

I am trying to stop honestly, so I told my friend earlier today that I would say “Fudge” instead so that I could shower my friends with images of chocolates instead of cursing at them.


Sounds decent right? Hahaha…took me a while to get used to it.

My point is, it handles with the way you control it. You can express anything you want, you’re entitled to it..FREEDOM MUTTHAFUDGERS (see its cool right?) but as a person, we must respect others in a way that you keep pride of whatever you say. Imagine having an intense over the top argument to your friend…and all you say are curse words?! Bruh, you’re doomed to lose the fight.

There is something about cursing that makes humans feel’s like the idea of finally  letting out all the hatred and pain out in a single word that makes it so addicting to do but you should handle yourself in a way that when people hear you, they shower you with respect (and probably love you while you’re at it, a little charm goes a long way *wink*), but in the end, never forget the power of human emotion, it could really overpower you that you spew this endless stream of curse words, but hey, like I said, Let it all out.



Just…I don’t know…know your boundaries I guess? Or maybe change yourself up a little. Try my thing, Fudge makes me feel expressive as I say it with force…try playing with words than’d do you good.




*pfft* Fudge…have I told you I get hungry whenever I say that?

*goes to kitchen and eats entire fridge*



Till our next adventure!

See you soon!

– Mindless Adventurer

p.s. A little reminder guys, NO POST ON FRIDAYS 🙂 (So yeah, might not post anything tomorrow, exam feels #icry)


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