I don’t understand…

I was watching a couple of movies then *SMACK* MUST. POST. IN. THE. BLOG.

(Dedicated for girls….guys, bear through the pain will you?)

This month was considered as a Woman’s month in my country (or in my uni i guess), I have this friend who was a member of an organization that decided to film show a couple of movies about women empowerment or just women in general and asked me for suggestions. I dug through my brain, pass through the worthless ideas that I have but I kept just in case they come in hand (you never know…), and I seriously cannot think of any movie AT ALL. (This is given that I’m a movie buff, well..okay..an action/sci-fi movie buff so you get my point)

I came to realize that I don’t get girl/women. SERIOUSLY! Considering that I am one of them does not entail me with a complete understanding of mysterious creatures we call women. Here’s a couple reasons why:


HORMONES HORMONES EVERYWHERE! I get it. You’re pissed. But da*n girl, biting my neck for asking how you are early in the morning is not considered mood swings anymore, that’s downright being a candidate for “How to get away with murder”.

You know these situations, even guys know this. Its that time where everything sucks. Like EVERYTHING. Even that cute chirping outside your bedroom window becomes a freakin’ rock band insult to your ears in the morning, or that large meal you’ve been craving that results in you weighing in if your diet is worth the sacrifice or not. Basically, whatever small sh*tty detail you experience on that “time” you find yourself crying on the floor and screaming for help that wouldn’t come because you are suddenly having an existential crisis. Even the pageant question, “What is the essence of a woman?” drives you so crazy that you yell “I DON’T KNOW“.

I get it. Must stay THOUSANDS of feet from you.


– Augh. Guys hate this sooooo bad while girls love it sooo much. I don’t get it. I’m a girl and I know that we have needs for material things but WOAH WOAH WOAH practically TOURING THE WHOLE MALL 10 TIMES JUST TO FIND THAT “PERFECT” SHOE YOU WANT…is downright crazy. I get that you have to make the most of your money, but wearing your feet out for hours on an adventure you call shopping is too much.

And what I REALLY DON’T GET, is when at the end of the day…..YOU GUYS DON’T BUY ANYTHING, saying “Hmph, that mall sucked.” Do you know how many shops there are in the mall? How many SHOES in EACH shop? AND YOU LIKE NONE OF THEM!? *faints*


– I’m not even joking. Whenever your group of friends decided to have a sleepover and watch movies, you JUST have to yell your favorite one and at the end of the night? YOU ARE STRUGGLING TO BREATHE BECAUSE YOU’VE BEEN CRYING SO HARD.

Seriously!? You’ve watched that thousands of times and you still cry over it?! Are you a freakin’ masochist?! And the thing is…YOU CRY AT THE SAME SCENE IN THE MOVIE. No joke, if this happens again, I am turning everything off when your scene comes on.


– We’ve already established that girls looooove shopping (I think love is even an understatement right there). So shopping = tons of clothes and shoes right? BUT NO. The moment that you have to go out on a special date or just an event, you start haggling through your cabinet and throwing all those clothes out in finding the “PERFECT” dress for the night. You might be familiar with the infamous, “No..not this…hmmm this one?….*throws clothes*….noooo no…what am i thinking in buying that..ooohhh this looks nice?…but noo

OKAY OKAY I GET IT, the cycle goes on.


– This only applies to some girls. They go on a diet with a particular weight goal in their mind. Then they go on this binge shopping for all healthy foods in the grocery. Like, giiirl, all you’re missing out is grabbing all those vegetables on the counter and buy them all. Seriously. Take them and stop whining.

But the funny thing is, in the end, you cry over the kinds of food you see that you’ve sacrificed for your freakin’ diet. Some even find themselves licking their screens whenever they search for pizza…hmm…pizza…



I dont….i don’t understand why some girls talk like that. “Like omigod becky…omigod..” For the whole sentence she has, she must have called on God like 50 times. I swear, God must have been spending his day practically gluing his ears close just so he can’t hear whatever you’re talking about.

And the endless stream of “like” before every word?! WHY?! WHY?! Do you really like it that much? You like it a lot so much that you have to blurt it out 20 times in one breath?


– Girls with relationships usually do this. Whenever they are so pissed with their boyfriends they spew this “babe are you mad?” “No” “Really babe?” “I SAID NO!”

Whut? Just…..whut???!!




But in the end, be it your a guy for a girl, you still can’t resist the power of their charm. Women have this capacity to introduce in us emotions that is so rarely and uniquely felt that we treasure them despite their shortcomings. Yes, women are VERY COMPLICATED in the least….but we can’t live without them.

I’ve realized that although some traits they have are annoying at best, these are what makes women lovable. We end up appreciating women for who they are because what they show is who they really are, be it liking boy bands to the point of obsession or crying over spilled milk, literally, women are important as much as men are.

These little traits make them who they are and these are the traits that men are to love in the end. Although not all women have these, some may even have quirkier characters, yet we never regret loving them. We may never understand what goes into their minds but they are special nonetheless.

So before reading this I may have pissed a couple of girls or made them laugh, its worth the thought that women are so special that we hold onto them on hard times. No matter how annoying their quirks are, they have the ability of showing love in its utmost form.

And that’s saying a lot for a person.


To all the women out there, sorry for pissing you off with my blog, but Happy Women’s Month! 🙂




Till our next adventure!

See you soon

– Mindless Adventurer

p.s. Guys, you’ll have your own post someday *wink* (psst. watch out for it)


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