Stuck in my head…well, not really.

Have you ever felt like something is literally stalking you? Yeah. Something NOT someone.

Well, what I meant is either you keep seeing this THING everyday or you keep hearing THAT TUNE ….. EVERY. FREAKIN’. DAY., that seriously bro, its starting to piss me off.

It started earlier last week, I was doing something, VERY important something and someone from my group decided to play a tune. I said, sure, I’m a big fan of music play it. So this song I’ve been familiar with for quite a long time since its been talked about for sooooo long. Yah.

This one.


Ever since that day, I’ve been hearing it everyday!!!! HELP!

Tuesday came and THE SAME DA*N SONG was played by my other group mate. Like REALLY?! There’s no other music you could think of playing other than THAT one?

Augh *bangs head in wall multiple times* *jumps off cliff*

No, no, wait. Don’t get me wrong. I love music. I can’t even survive a day without having my earphones practically stuck into my ear (hence the social isolation haha jokes on you *cries alone in corner*), but come Wendesday…..

IT PLAYED ON THE FREAKIN’ CAR I was taking to go home.

Thursday: My neighbor decided to blast her speaker so LOUD…..AND GUESS WHAT?! THIS SONG.

Friday, my mind was slowly going crazy by the capability of this song to stalk me every day that it almost scares me….The Radio played it…….WHYYYYYY?!

Saturday came and I was so pissed, I needed to break the spell, like I need to download this song to my player and play it 24 hours straight..So I did. (Well, not 24 hours , but you get the point)

Sunday came and I can almost hear the HALLELUJAH PRAISE THE LORD song in the background. I was at peace with myself and happy to be left alone and all that but Monday came -_-


It was playing on my ipod…I was banging my head along with it and all that…THEN, the car I’m taking home played it ALONG SIDE my IPOD..Can you imagine pulling one earpod from your left ear and keeping the right one AND hearing the SAME DA*N SONG AT THE SAME TIME?!

I was literally going crazy, like what the hell is happening to me. I don’t hate E. Goulding, I loved the song so WHY!?




The curse of 50 shades is strong in this one (I haven’t watched/read it btw)

All I could say is….HELP!




*whimpers* Help

– Mindless Adventurer

(p.s. sorry for a short and clumsy one, been busy WHOLE day you don’t even know -_- #dramaqueen)


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