A dedication…

(Late post..hectic day..forgive me?)

I was planning….(oh yes, I plan my posts..well, not really)….on posting something different today but I got sidetracked when I viewed my social media account and saw something….


*WOOT WOOT* I smell FREE PIZZA *wink*

So I dedicate this post to that one special friend (you know who you are) and to the people who are JUST like her.

Lemme give you a little back story for a bit…bear with me here 🙂

We met when we were still in primary school (grade school) and honestly she wasn’t part of my small circle of friends..Yes, I DO have SOME friends..and we just met each other eye-to-eye and became all nice and curtsy, you know..the normal acquaintance stuff.

The difference with what we had is it took too long to develop, it wasn’t a problem but it certainly was queer. Years passed and I could distinctly remember (to my friend, don’t kill me if I get this wrong) that we started hanging out on our 3rd year in secondary school (high school), and it wasn’t a smooth sailing one.

There was this one time when our science teacher was on a maternity leave and someone had to come in for a sub. THEN THIS MONSTER CAME ALONG. Nah, just kidding, the sub was close to a monster I guess. She was utterly…undoubtedly wicked. She kind of reminds me of Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter (I’m a Potterhead, deal with it.). She gave us these daily quizzes that could ACTUALLY rattle your brain so hard it might cause you to seize. Trust me, it was a breaking point.

Now, my trusty friend right there was seated beside me. She was all calm and collected answering her the quiz. The quiz was hell I swear, it was a 20 item quiz (short, I know) but you’ve gotta do it in 5 minutes and to make matters worse, it was partly an essay. The sub even had to countdown EVERY. FREAKIN. MINUTE.  Can you honestly imagine ramaging every little detail in your head and having someone choke you with counting down.. ‘last 2 minutes and 45 seconds…..last 2 minutes and 5 seconds….last 30 seconds….20….10…” GOD! It was a headache.

Okay, got sidetracked right there, but my point is my friend was not freaking out as much as I did. That’s when I knew……………….

….that I was gonna fail this class.

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, just kidding.

She surprised me at how different she was and that made me want to know her more. I know, my reasoning is a bit off, but if finding yourself absolutely sweating through your pits by sucking all moisture from your body and having it squeeze between every single pore and realizing that you’re seatmate is practically surrounded by hallelujah sounds doesn’t surprise you, I don’t know what will.


She was awesome…IS…awesome at best. After my 3rd year in secondary school, we developed a bond with our 4-person clique. And it was worth every effort to stay connected no matter how far we live. She is one of the best people I know. I consider her my “little girl” because deep inside I worry for her like a mother does. (Wow self…wow)

The thing I would like to point out the most, is that when you find your special friend, you don’t let go. Through thick and thin, through the long distance relationships, through the clingy-ness you might have to the point that your friend is starting to get pissed off at you…YOU. DON’T. LET. GO……EVER. Hang on to it, and you might find that you’ve just given yourself the greatest gift in life.

To my friend, I know that you’ve been through a lot. And I can’t even fathom how much courage and strength you have to have stood up through everything. You simply amaze me, I am not an expressive person (well, in anger I suppose I am) and it is my fault that I keep on forgetting to tell you how proud I am of you.

I know that you have problems you are not telling me, and you cover it up with the smile I grew up with. I just wish that you could drop your mask and tell me every problem you have because I am here for you. I am sorry that I may not be able to actually provide help but be assured that I am here when you need me.

I am proud of you (haven’t I told you that a million times already?) and congratulations.

I knew you’d win.





Soooo do I get my pizza or not?





Aaaaand there goes another clingy post.

Sorry for a personal post guys (needed her to see this 🙂 )

See you soon

– Mindless Adventurer


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