When the bad is good…

I’ve had the worst week so far in 2 months. Everything in my job was turning bad and all I could think about is how I failed so much.


I couldn’t sleep..like at all…and THAT’S saying so much because I love sleeping…a bit too much if I may say so myself. I decided to take a little nap around 6:30 pm yesterday and I swear I cried because I couldn’t sleep thinking about how bad my day went. Everytime I close my eyes, I remember all the wrong things I did, ending up with me grimicing and crying on my bad. 

Lack of sleep + Frustration = freaking water works -_-

Call me a baby bit I cried. And no one knew about it. The heaviness in my heart weighed 10 times more because no one knew and no one understood.

 Augh. People. Can’t live with them……can’t really live with them. (See what I did there..woohoo..jokes -_-)

Then when the day came that I had to do everything again, I found myself under the surveillance of other people that GREATLY depleted the hope to redeem myself. Everything I do was being judged, I understand why, but at the same time I don’t. And that pissed me off.

According to a lot of people, mistakes are not accepted. Like.. AT ALL. Screw friendship, but the moment you make even the tiniest error, “You’re on your own bro.” 


Rarely do people open up their own perspective with making mistakes. Why? Some find admitting to the error humiliating, some find it degrading, some find it simply fear the idea of accepting responsibility. 

And you know what? That’s perfectly alright.

This post renders on the perspective of the erroneous person, I won’t consider all those scholarly idea of mistakes being unacceptable. No. I want people to understand that sometimes…the bad is good.

You should only make the mistake once blah blah blah”

Like we haven’t heard that before *rolls eyes 360 degrees* 

They have a point. Yeah..they do. But at the same time, there are other points that we have to consider. Midtakes aren’t made intentionally, that’s why its called a “mistake”. You weren’t prepared for the situation no matter what and you find yourself shocked at the erroneous things you do. Simple as that. Nothing is ever intended and PEOPLE should realize that. To the bosses and supervisors we have, a mistake is a proof that your employee is TRYING. I get that you have to scold them for that, BUT TO INTENTIONALLY MAKE THEIR LIVES HELL BY REMINDING THEM OF THEIR MISTAKE EVERY. SINGLY. DAY….then boss, you’re in the wrong.

Mistakes can be done repeatedly. Yes they can be. And no one ever realizes that because everyone has this pure idealist ideas that everything must be perfect. Wake up son, welcome to the real world.

So make a mistake a few times, no onse should judge you BECAUSE YOU ARE STILL LEARNING, and no one should scare you too bad that it makes you hate/fear trying. But remember, mistakes are never intentional, don’t make a mistake on the idea that, “Meh, its alright. This post said I can make as many mistakes as I can so I’m good,”



You’re free to make a mistake, to never let the fear of it control you. But to have it drown the idea of improvement and development then bro…you’ve just screwed this post up.

Make mistakes on the idea that you’ve been trying things to learn. Make them and let yourrain understand what went wrong and grow. Don’t be stuck in the idea that making a mistake is an excuse, its not. Its a learning experience….make as many as you can, but learn in every step of the way. 

…….Maybe you’ll even surprise yourself of how much you’ve grown. And people should see that instead.




(Did I make sense?)

Thank you! 

See you soon *wink*

– Mindless Adventurer

P.s NO POST ON FRIDAYS :)) (tomorrow…)


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