Music = Life

I’m a big youtube browser..

Okay..that came out so wrong. But I browse youtube for amazing videos everyday, I follow youtubers online and view their uploads frequently. (youtubers = people with formal channels that upload videos for a living)
I found myself laughing at this one youtuber video and he said that he’s going to impersonate a couple of youtubers he knows. I am familiar with some, but there was a mention of this girl, he impersonated her with a violin. I got curious.

Music is part of my everyday life as to some people, but I like to selfishly think that I can’t live without music as compared to other people. I walk alone everyday with earphones stuck in my ears (potentially warding off unwanted conversation #isolation) and mouthing lyrics, making me look like a crazy person from a far talking to herself.

So I viewed this girl and I absolutely fell in love. But what made me want to follow her and respect her in the process, is not just her amazing ability in violin, but the video she made with other prople was absolutely stunning that I had to share it with you.

Its is an amazing video.


Hope you like it!
Thank you!
See you soon!
– Mindless Adventurer

(p.s. To those who can’t open the vid, its: Lindsay Stirling – We Found love, give it a go you might like it)


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