My Greatest Weakness…

(I’m sick please bear with me)

All of us have experienced days at school or at work where we lay our butts (pfft…butts) on our chairs listening incessantly to the sad, sad voice our teacher or perhaps boss has. Its like physical torture but… buts, it is torture.

Can you remember the days when you’d have to pretend to actually “listen” to some people but deep inside your mind you have travelled through the Great Walls of China while performing a summersault to Paris and shopping your way to all those clothing stores and finding yourself in the red carpet premiere of the Oscars? Yeah. So much for that.

You’re practically stuck in your seat grinding your head in frustration at how “fun” (note sarcasm) everything is. I find myself dying inside whenever we’d have this straight 5 hour lecture, without breaks, for college.

And I realize that I MUST NOT GET BORED. 

Me being bored is like a heavy weight on my shoulder that continues to crush my minimal interest in life. Boredom CAN kill. I start fidgetting in my seat out of annoyance and to have SOMETHING…SOMETHING to do than just listen and space out all day.

Why do I get bored easily?! WHY?!

I dunno.. -_- But here are some situations where we exprience different kinds of boredom. Enjoy.


This kind is actually halfway between boredom and legit weakness. Its like your own body is against you personally in doing stuff, not because you don’t want to, but because YOU. ARE. DEAD. TIRED. You struggle to yourself in thinking I have to do this and that blah blah blah but you can’t. Your own body is rebelling against you ending with EXTREME boredom on your part.

And possibly finding yourself thrashing in your own bed out of frustration because you are so bored and yet with every little movement you make you whimper deep inside because EVERYTHING HURTS PHYSICALLY. “Augh…MY ARMS!!”


You know deep inside you have to do something, be it work or school related you have to do somehing. But! Being the awesome lazy person you are, you decide to lie on your bed and think of ANYTHING ELSE BUT your due work. Kudos to you *wink*. You can’t even find the emotional motivation to do things because you are so frustrated at how much work is needed to be done.

End point? You find yourself staring at your lamp for solid 3 hours without blinking (#exaggeration) because yes….your lamp is apparently A MILLION TIMES more interesting than what you’re supposed to do. (Some even end up ramaging their fridge of food and munching because eating > work)


Do I seriously have to explain this?! You get my point.


This one is pretty funny if I may say so myself. Remember the times where your family practically drags you out of the heavenly comfort of your room JUST to attend a friggin’ party you didn’t want to go to in the first place? *tears* We all get this. It’s like people are consciously popping your fun bubble by dressing you up and forcing you to interact with strangers or family members who are strangers. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY!

Hi. I was held against my will to come to this party so please don’t talk to me.” *dies deep inside*

End point: You find the smallest corner in the room with the least amount of people around and avoid all eye contact and pretend you’re busy with your phone for some important matter but really….you’re just bored out of your mind and chose to play Flappy Bird on your phone despite how outdated it is.


– THE ULTIMATE BOREDOM!!! Its everything together. You find yourself stuck in school in the morning and having to outlive your own boredom by scribbling through your notes desperately trying to go through the day , or even having to undergo physical exertion from PE class and then going home finding out you have yons of homework to do, but your amazing family decides to have a surprise dinner for the WHOLE CLAN, thereby dragging you to the party unwillingly  ending up in you visualizing your own death and funeral with a BANG.

*deep breath* “Bruh, I can’t even…” 




We’ve been through all these and we’ve done SO MUCH WEIRD STUFF just to get rid of boredom. Trust me, I envisioned myself with the Paris thingy, I ended up in the red carpet with Neil Patrick Harris *achievement*


The human mind is something hard to appease. So let’s be weird together and play Flappy Bird *pukes*



Thank you!

See you soon

– Mindless Adventurer

(P.s. My mind hurts its like spitting in half augh)


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