The different one…

(Still sick…augh *dying*)

Everyone loves love stories. Don’t even deny it. Even the most pessimistic person on earth must have found himself/herself (#gender equality) curious about the ongoing saga of failed romantic relationships of their friends. Then continues to laugh hysterically in the background at how awkward their friend is. *manic laughter*

I don’t know why but people always find themselves searching for little gossips around town about what is this guy doing with a girl like that, vice-versa, and no matter how boring or straight-forward anyone’s love story is, it simply fascinates us to the point that it leaves us gasping for air due to how you’re awkwardly craning your neck to hear your neighbor’s chit chat.

Personally, I can say that I am surrounded by people who are in relationships. Yup, I am that friend who is single in a circle of love-struck acquaintances. *cue sad music*

I never understood how they function together, their boyfriends and my friends, all I know is that they are happy and I am totally fine with that. “Just don’t go breaking anyone’s heart and someone will…..*whispers* die.”

Ha, I’m protective to say the least.

I know that we know, in every circle of friends there will always be this single person in the group who gives love advice despite not knowing anything about relationships. *kudos to you* And it’s so funny that these are the people that actually gave good advice and manage to save their friend’s relationship for a long time. #personalexperiencenotbraggingatallwellmaybeabit

Those are the kind of people who secretly laugh after crazy arguments their friends has. “Whut!? It is funny.”

No arguments there bro.

I wondered what makes these people proficient in giving advice..I mean, not anyone can do it right? So why them? What makes these people so good at making relationships work despite not having one of their own? *cue extremely sad music*
First, these people are able to see things without any bias. They are the third party (not in the relationship BUT IN THE ARGUMENT OKAY? Don’t make things worse -_-). They don’t take sides and that is what is awesome about them. They see things in both perspectives, in the guy’s and the girl’s (or girl’s and girl’s or boy’s and boy’s…whatever floats your boat). Due to this, they are able to understand the 2 sides of the story and explain the truth, trust me, people have the tendency to NOT explain properly n arguments. So our trust SINGLE friend is here!! *woot woot*
Second, they are able to see things that no one can see. They are the people who can see the tears in the boy’s eye whenever he desperately tries to explain that he wasn’t with anyone else and it was an accident. They see the hint of any girl’s frown whenever they say they are “Ok” even though they are not. This results to a certain “Can I talk to you for a minute? Spill.” They see the emotions you’re trying to hide in an argument because everyone is particularly busy with yelling at each other. And that, my friends is why these people are awesome.
Lastly, these people are hopeless romantics deep inside. They may try to deny it, but they are. At the end of the day, after successfully helping solve arguments and give advice, they lie on their beds wondering what could have happened if they were in their spot. “What if I was the receiving end of the argument? What would I have done?”. Sad as this may sound, but they have the time to visualize how they can properly handle the argument by learning your argument with your loved one. So in the end, they have this preconceived idea on how to function in a relationship, probably better than you ever will.
They understand people, that’s why they are so good at providing help. They are your friend so they strive to make you happy and help solve arguments despite your stubbornness to play hard-to-get.
That is why these people are awesome. They become the friend that you’ll thank at the end of the day.
They may be single, but trust me…the moment they open their hearts and find the “one”, they’ll do better in relationships better than anyone. *wink*
So much for a cheezy post.
Thank you!
See you soon
– Mindless Advenurer

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