The Best Things in Life are Free…

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything yesterday “Don’t kill me?” *cowers in fear*

Okay okay, lemme explain first. I ended up my day yesterday so stressed about what I do, and lately my posts are becoming published later than usual (probably due to crappy internet in my place) due to so many things happening at the same time that it almost twisted me inside out. And I hated that. I hate the feeling of obligation that is so against my heart, so….I took a day off yesterday. The reports I had to past was done in a flash (not bragging, my papers ended up being crap), and I just let my mind be at peace *cue drama music*
Nah but seriously I’m sorry… (On we go to the real post? #endofrant)
Life is effed up (#PG13 ). I mean, everybody has gotten to a point of their lives where they go “Oh. Its not so bad, things will get better.” So here they are going through their happy happy, very optimistic thoughts only to have them CRUSHED into little itty-bitty pieces. Then you go finding yourselves huddled into a dark corner reminiscing the good moments in life.
Too much drama? Okay moving on. Haha.
But no seriously, we all have our own dark corners in our lives, or even darkest moments. What is really bugging me are the people that intentionally push you into those darkest memories you have. Like, WHAT the hell is wrong with you?! Can’t you leave me at peace and happy FOR ONCE in my life?….
… Yeah…Those kinds of people….
Bottom point, I don’t understand how they cognitively function.
This week I had this one moment of hallelujah. It was the simplest gesture of praise. It was directed to me and it came from a trusted source, you know.. people who are publicly respected, and I cherished the feeling of that once in a lifetime moment. I mean honestly, how often can people openly praise others through their work?
And that is the problem. Praises are so well-kept within each of us that it never reaches our mouth to be spoken. Its like, humanity has this natural inkling of preservation of pride within themselves that praising or commending other people becomes such a hard task.
Is it really hard to just say “Good Job?”
Yes. For some.
I don’t particularly understand their points of view so I have nothing to compare it to given that I am very open at encouraging people. Why? Because you get to see those little twinkle in their eyes right after you praised them and you know that you have done something emotionally compassionate today. Its those “little smiles” that they hide because they are embarrassed whenever given a  compliment, and that is totally… Kawaii (Trans: “Cute”)
Don’t compliment for the sake of looking good to other people, to make yourself look sympathetic to other people. Compliment other people because compliments are made to make people happy. Praise the guy who cleans after your workplace everyday, compliment that girl who desperately tried to save a stray dog in the rain, compliment your friend for being amazing today and praise your “BAE” for being absolutely stunning today.
There is nothing degrading or ego striking about compliments, yet people so rarely give and offer them. Well peeps, you are missing greatly on something.
…. You missed out making another person happy….and that’s saying something.
The Best Things in Life are Free” So why not give the guy who served you food in all the hussle and bussle of the restaurant a praise and make him happy.
Thank you!
See you soon!
– Mindless Adventurer
p.s Will be posting on Friday (tomorrow) to make up from yesterday :)))

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