My Shopping Binge…

Okay, I know I don’t believe it either but I’m posting such a girly post.

I am a girl. (Well, last time I checked) And I occasionally like shopping. Emphasis on OCCASIONALLY.  I don’t go to every mall practically making my wallet cry of frustration and utter depression because I am depleting its resources…nah nah…I don’t do that, most of the times.

Get this, there are 2 kinds of shoppers. I call them Shopper 1 and Shopper 2. Cool name self, *sarcastic applause*. The difference between the two lies not between WHAT they buy but HOW they buy stuff.
For example, Shopper #1: This type of person shops for the sake of shopping. They may have one single item set in their mind to buy, like  a pair of shoes, a shirt/blouse, make-up, get the point. But at the end of the day, they DON’T JUST buy what they need, they buy EVERYTHING (“‘Cause its on sale omigod”) 
The mentality of these people revolve around hopelessly craving for sales and cute items that doesn’t cost much but at the end of the day, if you sum up all the items they “bought on sale”, they’d sum up pretty expensive. Imagine, a couple of cheap 50% off  shirts would suddenly cause too much if you brought like 10. 
And the funny yet infuriating thing about them is their inability to stop shopping AFTER they found what they needed. They have to tour the whole mall just for the sake of “window shopping”. Yeah, good luck with that feet.
Shopper #2 is pretty straight forward. They shop because they need to. The different thing about this person is that they are able to formulate in their minds a concept on what they need to buy, what store to buy to, back-up stores in case the original store runs out of stock, buy then leave. Pretty straight forward.
They either plan for their items before or during shopping and they spend only a few hours at the mall to look for their items. Screw window shopping, I;m going to spend money on what I need. As soon as they enter the holy gates of the mall, they proceed to the store, check the price, pay and leave. Yes, they roam the malls a few times but never the intention of buying anything else despite a 70% off sale, why? They don’t need it. 
giphy (1)
I am honestly a Shopper 2. I don’t like spending too much time at the mall because first and foremost, my feet hurt from all the walking and second, being the socially awkward and traumatized person that I am, I hate crowds. They suck all the energy in me with the “excuse me’s, oh- i’m sorry, could you move” GOD people! Just move out of the way. I need a Moses feels right here, split up in half!
*heavy breathing
But you get the point…
… but, surprisingly, a part of me is kind of a Shopper #1, especially talking about gadgets. I mean come on, you get to spend money on something this special (and expensive), might as well check out everything the mall has. But, my shopper #2 feels comes rushing back in saying, “check out online first if you like something then compare with everything else before suffering walking aimlessly in the mall in the hopes of finding what you want that may not even be there”
So I plan, I look up at brands and all that, all kinds imaginable and when I like something, I search for the nearest outlet from me, then I plan on when to go and go there.
..But, WHAT REALLY PISSES ME OFF… when some people keep advising me to buy this instead and blah blah and this is better because blah blah.. “No offence saleslady, but I GOT THIS.”
….and the fact when the item is unavailable despite reserving it under MY NAME.
GAAAAAH! *throws chair at mall and sets everything on fire*
No, but seriously, all planning goes through the window and it just pisses me off so bad because all the time I’ve spend on saving up money for the item only to have the chance stolen from my hands is down right frustrating.
So next time you shop, just pray and hope for the best because malls have the tendency to *censored* hdsjhfksjdhfksdhlakhgiualrhgihgajfhalkfjhalkagkldgjhalkj…….
– A bit of a personal post, going through a shopping binge right now
Thank you
– Mindless Adventurer

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