The Best Kind of Girlfriend…

Disclaimer: Okay, first of all this post is based on a HIGHLY biased idea that I have. So please, “don’t hate to potate” whut?

On my past post I clued something in the end that made me want to expound on a certain topic (click here if you haven’t read it #advertising hahahaha (

I’ve known a lot of people who have been single and yet they have saved a couple of their friend’s relationship BY BEING AWESOME *ehem ehem*. I can tell…..I’m one of them *wink #notreally #icry

(Something is wrong with me I’ve been using too many hash tags lately. SIDE TRACK AUGH.)

Relationships, as all of you know (or may not, whatever floats your banana boat) is like a swing. It wouldn’t be fun if only one party offers the effort to kick off the ground and fly. (WOW….deep…I see Adele rolling) No relationship is ever worth anyone’s time, effort and let’s face it, money if your partner doesn’t put much into it as you do.


I am not telling you to quantify your love with who loves who the most. That WAS NEVER the point. My point being that both party should love each other and they BOTH know it in their hearts without any doubts, no “what ifs”. That’s why it pisses me off so bad when I see in movies when couples break up because either the guy or the girl has to “see if you’re really the one so I’ll date other people first.” 

Screw you man/woman!! That doesn’t work that way. Either you love him or you don’t. STOP MAKING EXCUSES. 

Love is never quantifiable. Its just exists in its purest form. And that is what makes it beautiful.

Some women exist as idealists, meaning that they dream stuff up, they wish for stuff to happen to them. Nothing is wrong with that. These are the women who spend their days hoping that their prince charming will fetch them in their white….magestic………..Lamborghini (I have a thing for cars, pfft that’s for another post).

I call them the Hopeless Romantics.

And I dub thee as the best kinds of girls there are…… WAIT WAIT LEMME EXPLAIN…

There are tons of kinds of girls out there, they come in all different sizes, shapes and features so buy them all at 50% off HAHAHAHAHA SIDETRACK

Lol, no. It just sounded like I was promoting something.

But seriously, women are so diverse that men cannot even comprehend the black hole we call the “woman’s mind”. But these HR (hopeless romantics) delve into their minds deeper than most. Hopeless is such a cliche term if you think about it because these are the girl who hopes the most out of any relationship.

These kinds of girls are the ones who would willingly wait for you to take the first step to ask them out on a date with the freakiest and most flamboyant way every. Para-sailing while yelling, “would you go on a date with me?!” is saying so much. They dream. And they dream big.

Yet, despite the excessively creative ways they dream, no pressure on the boys, they would never be disappointed with the simple, “hey beautiful, would you care for spending time with me for coffee?” Its not the pick up line boys, its the respect that she could refuse rather than forcing her to go on a date with you. “Have coffee with me. now.” Pfft, ain’t gonna work bud.

They dream so much on how to make the relationship work that in reality, they strive to become the best girl that they can be to you. And that is just plain AMAZING. These girls dwell in their minds during each and every fight you have and tries to understand your point of view and create a loophole where both of you will end up happy.

They don’t put you on a pedestal because you don’t need to be placed there. You have their heart and they have yours, and surprisingly that is all it takes to make them happy.

These girls surprise me in their kindness and understanding beyond doubt.

giphy (2)

It takes a lot of effort to balance the relationship, and these girls make the most to keep everyone happy and loved.

….. And that boys, is why Hopeless Romantics will be the best kind of girl out there *wink*





Thank you

Cheezy post *tihi*

– Mindless Adventurer


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