What if…

Have you ever wondered if you really have lived your life to the fullest?

WOAH WOAH SELF…. TOO DEEP, Adele is rolin’….Stahp..

Just kidding.

But seriously, have you ever stopped to wonder if *knocks on wood* you would die today if you’ve lived your life the way you wanted to?

Life has probably wrecked a thousand lives just being what it is and I often wonder how people adapt to certain circumstances that require love, appreciation and faith in oneself.

But have you wondered….

What if?

What if you spent your money for food rather than binge shopping? ….Would you still have this large amount of bills to cover?

What if you went outside for a walk instead of lying in the couch all day? ….. Would you have felt the same back pain you have right now?

I know, mundane tasks. Simple what ifs make the risk of regret easy to take. So what if my back hurts, so what if I’m broke, at least I’m happy.

Are you?

But the greatest what if is life will always be the one you were to afraid to do. Courage practically flew out the window the moment you are faced with difficulties.

….psst….got something to tell ya’ buddy…. *whisper* WEAK! (loljk don’t kill me)

What could have happened?

There are moments in life where we chicken out so bad that we decide to just evade the situation as long as possible. But in the end I ask you this…is it worth it?

Do you realize what could have happened if you perked up the courage to stand still, clench your fist, close your eyes and say, “I love you” to the person who mean to you the most?

A life with no regrets.

I have been to a situation where I was practically shaking head to foot from fear of what I’m about to do. I was going to confess to a guy who I know never loved me back. I knew because he told a lot of people so. I was brokenhearted and afraid.

So what was the point of me confessing if I know what his answer would be?

Closure my dear friends. Closure.

That feeling of freedom that you did everything in your own power to stop something from happening, that you pulled all your effort to it, makes it all worth it. The pain and discomfort you had to go through just to be able to fulfill your heart’s desire is worth everything…why?

Because you find yourself at peace.

(pfft, inner peace, kung fu panda anyone?)

I never regretted my decision to look stupid on the dance floor and confessing to him (btw, I asked him to dance with me just for the heck of it). The answer was what I expected but it didn’t hurt any less. But you know what? I found myself smiling through the tears thinking, “I did my part. I loved you and you never did love me back. I did everything, and I regret nothing.”

Those moments of truth make us weak and depressed for a considerate amount of time, but trust me, the moment you snatch that courage through the window and stand up for what you want despite knowing it may disappoint and hurt you, is priceless beyond belief.

NEVER let your life be filled with what-ifs, because at the end of the day, no one could make you any happier than yourself.


Stop the what ifs. Try the “almost’s”. Treasure the ‘I did it”.





– Thank you!

Mindless Adventurer

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8 thoughts on “What if…

  1. I would have to admit you are a good writer. And yes life is really full of “what ifs”, yes we can’t always put an “if” on whatever we do because if we do we will be the one regretting later on. But I had a totally different experience, I did confess and……..
    Anyways, keep up the good work. And this post kinda helped me sort my problems a bit. 🙂


    1. *tears*
      Thank you for this Anne 🙂 You don’t know how glad I am that I was able to help you (a little bit)
      But…..I gotta say….
      I’m curious how your story went hahahaha, but I do hope it turned better than mine did. Stay Awesome!

      Liked by 1 person

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