The Rebel Inside…

(I’m killing myself for rushing this, but I owe someone a post)

I promise on my life that I won’t go all preach-y (yeaaah, like that’s a word, good job self) with you guys but I just wanted to share a few things.

I don’t know if some of you know that I was born and raised as a Catholic. Through and through. And I’ll admit that never have I ever considered switching religions. My parents would always be cautious with me with going to seminars being attended by other sects/religions.

And honestly, I don’t care if we’re different.

I started of being curious as to why my parents acted that way. I mean, its just a seminar, what could go wrong? And then when I understood, I simply got pissed.

You see, since I was raised in this specific society, being in a place where diversity is welcomed practically threw my parents out of their seats in frustration and fear that I would become different. And I never understood why it was such a big deal.

Recently, I have considered myself a Conventional Catholic ( coined that one too *wink*). “So Mindless Adventurer, what the h*ll does that mean?”

Being a C.C. (haha too lazy to type the whole thing XD) means you have faith on what was taught to you, you love what other people love and you believed what all the others believe, but you stand firm in thinking that some traditions you have are meant to be broken. You exist to think that no one will ever judge you if you put your effort and faith into doing what is different than usual. And that is simply amazing.

The satisfaction of seeing my parent’s or other people’s faces whenever they disagree on what I do with my beliefs is simply outstanding. The Rebel in me rejoices. Not because I was happy that I did something wrong, but because I stood up to doing what I think is RIGHT. 

(Augh, I’m itching to get preach-y, calm yourself…self..whut?)

All I am saying is that the world is too much of a bother to add problems to it. Is religion and differences in opinion really what we should be worrying about right now?


Like I said, I don’t care if you’re Jewish or Muslim or Hindu or whatever else religion we have around the world, what matters most is that everything we do makes a GOOD difference. So what if your belief is different from mine? That doesn’t make you less of a person or inferior to me. That makes you different and I respect that.

I have lived my life laughing internally whenever people would judge me to do this because people said so, do that because it is tradition.

No. I stand up to what I believe in and I stick to it. Simple as that.

I respect your traditions and I won’t bother you. Don’t you think I deserve my own tradition too.

I don’t understand why people make everything such a big deal when we could have just lived in actual peace. The concept “Mind your own business” comes in (but in a good way of course)

Bottomline, whatever your faith allows you to do….whatever belief you stand up for…..FOLLOW IT TO YOUR HEART’S CONTENT.





Because the whole world needs a little more happiness. (psst, just make sure you’re doing things to do BETTER not worse okay?)




In line with this, Mr. Hyer linked me this amazing video about faith. Thought I’d share it to you guys. Doesn’t matter what religion you are in, but it takes a good heart to respect all other beliefs (without the bashing and arguments)



.- Thank you!

Hope I didn’t offend anyone, this is my opinion and I just thought I’d share it with you.

Thank you for the video Mr. Hyer.

– Mindless Adventurer

p.s Don’t forget to like, reblog and comment *wink*


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