Its all in the tips…

A/N: This might probably be the latest post I have so far, forgive me traffic was horrible -_-

Anyhoo, on with the post.


Today is a special day for me. Well, not really maybe a little bit. No, its not my birthday (pfft, how I wish).

Today is the day……

I could finally buy my own watch.


Oh please. Forgive me this time, I can justify myself trust me.

Okay, I know “So you bought a watch now what?” 

You see, I am not in the family where they feed me a freakin’ golden spoon everyday. Nope, I’ve appreciated what hard work does from my parents (and apparently appreciation is all there is because of the overwhelming power of laziness but you get the point.)

Before when I was a kid, I’d ask my parents to buy me this, buy me that or else I’ll cry. Cruel I know (No regrets there *woot woot* PS2 – yeah old school). I mean, kids have no idea how money circles our lives and that is what makes them slightly…..irritating to care for given that they don’t understand, but as parents we give them what they want so you can see those happy small-toothed grins and smiles at the end of the day.

Worth the effort right?


As you grow up we start to become accustomed to bills, to payments, to— did I say bills? yeah, bills again. Its so frustrating at how far everything had come from that “Mom, Dad, can you buy this for me?” to the lethal, “Can I even afford this?!” *goes to corner and cry*

How we wish we could have stayed naive.

Growing up is a bi—– I mean, harsh. *whoops* #PG13 hahahaha

But get this, as I grew up, well not really being short and all augh -_-, I realized that I can’t always depend on other people to give me what I want. I have to work on it myself. If I think this something, be it material or not, is worth the hard work then go. If it’d make me happy then I’ll make an effort to achieve it.

I started with small things, saving up for parties (the payments for the buffet and logging and all that), saving up to have transportation fees for going to and from work/school (mediocre, but we need it amiright?) then I went on for the big stuff.

I started saving for the gadgets I wanted, those little cutie speakers, headsets and earphones, and finally my watch.

The funny thing about saving, although you absolutely have to control your desire to spend your money – thereby the depression, in the end you get this amazing feeling of fulfillment that “hey, I worked hard for this.” And that’s what got me hooked ’till this day.

I stopped asking for little ‘help’ from other people for my needs and wants and I stopped that feeling of guilt whenever they DO hand me money. (I kind of not like it when people pays for me, it makes me feel like I am indebted to them)

Whenever you look at that item you have that you worked hard for, probably starved for – since you don’t spend money even for food to save up (which is bad btw), you feel the sense of pride. And that is totally one of the best feelings in the world.

My friend, who accompanied me to buy my watch, was amazed at me saying, “How did you save up for this?!” And I’m like “Bru, I didn’t eat for 2 months.” LOL just kidding, but I did suffered a bit – a teeny bit (worth it *wink*). All jokes aside, the nicest response would be that I had the proper mindset in believing that what I want, I could have if only I gave the best of my efforts for it.

It pays off soon enough you know. Its never instant but it feels great when it does.






Thank you!

Sorry for the late post tho

– Mindless Adventurer

p.s. I will not stare at my new watch for an hour XD


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