The Unconventional Liar…

So one day, I met with a friend of mine. She’s a really close friend, like reaaaaaaaaaaaaally close. #clingy Well, she’s having this project she needs and she wanted a subject for her project.

I asked her, “Well, what’s the topic anyway?”

She said its about people who lie with FAB. Whut?!

No. no! Its like, people who lie frequently like, lying is like second nature.”

I thought about it, “Oh…….., then I asked her, “Why not me?”


Well, she was shocked in the LEAST. And I just shrugged. “Meh.”

I realized on that point that I am one. An Unconventional Liar *coined that woot woot go self*. 

Unconventional Liars are people who actually have talent in lying. Its like they have the capability to spew out a lie, maybe initially unintentional, then when a stressful situation comes, they are able to ACTUALLY FULLY FORM a story that coincides with everything that everyone BUT the liar would believe it to be true. They have the gift.

Its like lies comes flowing straight out without hesitation, without any of those body language changes and its perfect. No one knows better.

I get it. I’m kindaaaaaaaaaaaaa like this. Kind of, okay?

I just remembered this one day, where the realization started, I was in 6th grade (I think), and there was this security guard who stopped me in my tracks and asked me something and I told one lie to escape him. I was like, “phew, SAVED!” but as I walked past him, he called me AGAIN *groans inside*. I turn my back and tell him this great story about my explanation why I need to go inside this room and I swear to God, he’s like drowning in all the lies I told him.

End of story? I walked up the stairs dazed at how I didn’t even need to think of the story first and my mouth just FREAKIN’ BAZOOKAS WORDS and he believed it.

I was amazed and disgusted by myself at the same time *pats self in back while puking for my talent*

I mean, what is wrong with me. Its like I blacked out and I came back with the most amazing story anyone could ever hear.

The bad thing about this is that the…fine…I’ll admit….the little pride you’ve got for actually fooling someone feels kind of good. I understand that soon enough it will be addictive. And I fear for that day, when I just lie to everyone so SMOOTHLY that even I would be confused with reality and the lie.

Its scary friends. *shudders*

The good thing about it then, is that I get to go past social interactions I don’t want to be with. Like I could form this actual physical barrier to prevent anyone from dragging my as* from the bed and forcing me to dress up.

But at the end of the day, I realized that I’m just fooling everyone and even myself.

The “gift” has its curse. And the curse is even worse.

Lying is human nature…I guess, but it will never be an excuse to fool people around. And I hate myself for that. Its like my brain is wired to make excuses every. single. time.

*internally screaming*


…I’m a queen,




It stopped being fun a long time ago *deep sigh*




Thank you…

– Mindless Adventurer


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