A Real Adventure!!

My blog probably has the most misleading title EVER, one because I thought I’d point out that this is more of an adventure inside my crappy mind and….yeah, I guess that’s it.

Anyhoo, I haven’t posted anything on Thursday which WENT AGAINST MY PROMISE and that fact is slowly eating my brain out until  its left soggy and goo-ey (Yeah, i know, nice mental image, you’re welcome)

I have a legit reason okay?

I actually went on an adventure the past couple of days and I’d like to share it with you. This post will probably have more photos than text, so I thought you guys would feel like you’re there. Btw, I’m not a good photographer so please bear with me.


Thursday afternoon we packed up our things. We were supposed to leave early in the morning, but being the late riser that I am I practically postponed the trip by a few hours by clinging myself on the bed while my parents shake me to wake me up.

It was a 3-4 hour drive from Manila to Manaoag. Okay peeps, one thing about me, I have absolutely no talent with recognizing and remembering directions so don’t even bother asking me what route we took. All I know is that there were toll gates and lots of nature. HAHAHA Self wtf!?


So yeah. The idiot in me decided to take a picture inside the care at how amazing the view was because there were sooooooooooooooooo many mangoes in one line. Seriously! Like *salivating* Mangooo shakes augh want ❤


And WE’RE HERE! Lol yeah. Our car just parked inside the church and I took a picture immediately. HAHAHAHA K.

No seriously. This was the point of the adventure, we decided to visit Our Lady of Manaoag (A version of Virgin Mary in Pangasinan) and the amazing thing about this church is THAT THERE WAS SO MANY PEOPLE!

The social anxiety practically kicked me in the butt and I controlled myself from running away from all these people. THE POWER OF LE MIND overpowered everything and I pushed myself through this large crowd and took this lovely picture.

The amazing thing AGAIN about this church is that it allows people to go behind the statue up the stairs and you are able to touch the dress and pray over it.


This is the long line where people fall in line to touch the dress (Its believed to have, you know, holy powers that could grant wishes and heal people – the scent from the dress is amayzing <3) I know, different and unusual type of tradition but hey, RESPECT. We didn’t get to fall in line BECAUSE THERE WAS NO LINE AUGH , haha just kidding, the viewing was closed already. So much for the 4 hour journey -_-


So we just went to this adoration chapel (in case you don’t know, this place is like SILENCE only place like shhhhhh not talking!) and prayed.


This portion of the church on the other hand allows thousands of people to strike candles on the sides to pray or wish for something in their lives. Below this statue is a really cool wishing well, but unfortunately there were too many people and I couldn’t get a shot AT ALL and my mind is screaming RUN RUN FROM ALL THESE PEOPLE AUGH.


So you have 2 options: floating candles or just…candles. And you could wish anything you like. This is actually a hobby of mine, whenever we go to different churches across the country, I’d ask if they have floating candles to light on and I’d make a wish. Its a personal thing but I’m glad if you’d do it with me too.




We bought fruits from the local market near this church and stayed at a hotel since it was getting dark and my father, our oh-so-amazing driver was tired and rested. We just came home today for another 4 hour drive. Damn the heat is killing me.





Thank you!

My first REAL adventure post.

– Mindless Adventurer


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