A/N: On a very serious note, I confess (see what I did there?) that I’ve been so stressed lately due to stuff I’m doing and I just can’t stop half the time to post blogs everyday…I decided it to be that way so that I may be able to keep this as a separate portion of me where I can say ABSOLUTELY anything I like without being judged by people who know me.

So I decided to to simply post..posts (*mwahahaha*), every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 🙂 It might help calm me for a while.



These past few years has been the hardest in my life.

Have you ever felt like everything is crushing  so hard that you choke internally and pray for salvation?

I just don’t understand why things took this sudden depressing turn. But, I gotta say, my decision has been crushing me deep inside.

You see, I live a life where everything is dictated for me. I’m not a spoiled b-tripple-asterisk person, its just that my parents have pressured me enough to have my whole life laid out in front of me.

When I was a kid, that was totally fine, its scary to be able to function on your own when you’re too young. I mean, it can’t just be me right? I went with everything smoothly and accepted that I just had to work hard for the path in life my parents wanted me to be in.

And damn, did I work hard.

Reality of how my life is being controlled by other people crushed in my face, almost literally, when I was in third year of high school or secondary school for most. I became a rebel…

Well, no…not really.

By rebel I meant I started talking back to my parents, finding out their reasoning why they wanted me to do stuff and all that. (Trust me kids, not fun.) It went on for a long time, therefore, as of today, my parents are really sensitive with me when they ask about what I want to do with my life.

I was happy that they “loosened up the chains” for a bit.


 I mean, I started controlling everything.

But the thing kids are scared of, independence and deciding from your own, again comes crushing down. And the thing about this is when you made your decision there is no one else to blame but you and you feel miserable in the end.

So now, you have to keep in your pride and go through every erroneous decision you have. You crush yourself on your own weight and it depresses you so bad,

The confession for yourself to accept every single decision you have scares, depresses and angers you so bad. And in the end, you won’t know what you’re going to do.






– Thank you

Sorry for the depressing post.

I kind of needed the time out

Mindless Adventurer


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