Whut? Really?

This is my face literally for the entirety of this post. Just a reminder…

Okay, get this. SCHOOL.

*screams internally* *backflips to space* Noooooooooooooooooooooo.

Such school much wow *doge* 




Okay, okay I’ll stop, too many memes on one post.

The world has started believing in this system of life where you are physically forced to withstand the inertia from your bed and push you to take a shower and “look good” just to go to this institution where you find yourself dragging your a-double-asterisk (a**) and trying to survive the mental torture and going home all dejected and tired realizing you have to do this again the next day.

…… Too much?

School is…fine. *pfft, who am I kidding?* No, I mean it. Its sole purpose in life is actually towards a generalized goal for mental development. I get that. What I don’t get are the people who control them.


Okay, before you go bazooka on me lemme explain.

Teachers are awesome. They push you, sometimes quite literally, to become the person you want to be. They stand as counselors to your troubles at school and as second parents to your second home. Pfft, home? really.

(Apparently, I’m having a mental quarrel with my brain while I type this. Go awkward self.)

I respect teachers. I mean come on, they are the people who withstand your bull-s-tripple-asterisk everyday. You wake up grouchy and moody and snap at random people all day, well lookie here dear sir, you’re not the only one because they have to grade your half-a-double-asterisk -ed (a**ed) paper you just passed.

(trying to keep it PG13 guys)

They get yelled at by some meddling kids (Scooby Doo anyone?), they get scolded by school administrative staff by passing the grades late because some kid got late for a test and had to take a re-examination and your teacher decided to wait up for you.

I get it. They drive people to become better because one day, you’ll grow up and realize that a part of you is somehow, shaped by them

But what I don’t get is something that they tend to acquire after years of teaching…


I get it, teachers feel close to overly-friendly students. Not bad with that, but to actually let those feelings control the way you interact WITH OTHER students is just plain bull— I mean, cruel.

I have this teacher and I AM SO PISSED with her by how she interacts with everyone. Its like I see evil and everyone sees a freakin’ angel.

She throws herself openly to some students and becomes close to them, and NO I’M NOT JEALOUS, you know why?

Its because I don’t care if she likes me or not, but to have the clingyness and intended over-friendliness of some of my classmates take a part in the grading system as a judgement, then DAMN that’s just mean.

I know, human’s aren’t perfect.

But, why do you have to view your students as a weighing scale in balancing which ones you like and which ones you don’t like? Get this, not ALL professors are like this. Some are genuinely nice and friendly, them I respect.

Respect is never given. It is earned.

Favoritism is inevitable for some, just…..just don’t judge the other kids you don’t like and grade them based on that poorly based hatred, same goes with the ones you like, just because they seem nice to you doesn’t mean they are in real life. Some are just sucking on to you for dear life because their grades are slipping.

Be a Minerva McGonagall.

Oops, wait, she kind of preferred Gryffindors over others. Nevermind.

So for the last note…





No offense to teachers and professors, you guys are awesome but you have your downsides too like all of us 🙂

Thank you

See you soon!

Next post on Thursday! 🙂

– Mindless Adventurer

p.s Dont forget to comment, like and favorite (Why not all 3 eh? *wink*)


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