Diet?! Pssshh…

So I just woke up…

What?! Its 3 in the afternoon and YOU JUST WOKE UP?!

Well, I went of a Fun Run (Marathon for a cause)

You?! You went for a fun run?!

Seriously…how many times do you have to deflate my ego?

I went on a Fun Run today because it was required for what I do. Get this, I hate running -_- and I’m a little….bit..on the chubby side. #proud but meh, I hate moving. Augh so tiring.

You guys know I’m exaggerating right?

But hey, what can you do? So I freakin’ woke up at 4 in the morning to make the 6 am call time. Imagine someone like me being dragged from the bed just to shower, eat breakfast and LITERALLY just function to RUN?!


Ohwell, its for a cause anyway. But get this, the fun thing about marathons, if I can even consider it fun, is that it allows you to move like run, screw your slow friends behind, just run and actually experience that joys of exercise, if there are any pffffft, and just you know, sweat your troubles out.

The idea that you may have actually been putting an effort to losing, maintaining weight is actually “fun”. 

But I get the feeling that people don’t understand the true nature of why chubby chubb chubbs people like me actually GO ON A RUN.



Losing fat to eat more.

Oh the irony.

As soon as I came home I literally ate 3 courses without even having dinner yet (Really self!? Really?! Yes.)

 I mean, screw Diet right?

*cries internally*
I don’t…absolutely don’t regret it. Well, kinda.
I know what happens when I do this and I know that is wrong.
But hey, more time to change right.
To all the bro’s out there. Eat your heart out while you still can *wink*
I am not in the position to actually tell you to do something with what you eat, *whisper* cause really would you trust me?, but hey. Yolo right?
I’m probably pissing off a ton of people right now. 
Hey stress eating is not a crime okay?…well kinda…
(btw, love this guy on youtube, check him our Ryan Higa = nigahiga)
– Mindless Adventurer

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