Fight for it…

Everyday I find myself exposed to a lot of people,
and if you know me, you’d know that that really kills me inside. Mayday Mayday! Introvert person being crushed to death!

I see people for how they are, how they function and who are the “true” ones. I am a highly observant person, but it usually involves being ALONE emphasis on that pls. I like looking at stuff and people for long periods of time, NOT in a stalkerish way, but seriously I find myself being insanely curious at how stuff occur through life.

And I see the struggling people, those people who try to hide their pain with masks of jokes and laughter, but deep inside everything is tearing everything down. It may have been effective for a lot of people but I gotta say, hey, I can see through you.

The real lesson in this is to look closer every single time and understand that life, may not be perfect for everyone. And you just gotta appreciate how humans strive to live on despite the numerous struggles they encounter.

This is a beautiful video from A YouTuber: Matthias.
Hope you like it.


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