The Worst of them…

On my last post, I talked (typed?) about the different types of friends anyone could ever have (Clicker here if you haven’t read it yet: so I thought why not talk about the worst type of friends anyone might have experienced at one point in their life.

#advertising you’re doing it right *wink*

There are several people on our lives that we often wonder which of them would actually stick through you despite your weird quirks and habits. Yes, for some, they are fortunate enough to be able to find the truest friends around but, that could never happen unless you have encountered people that might have betrayed you and broke your heart.

So below are the people we like to place our hands on their necks to wring it so hard and maybe twist it a little bit more, or maybe literally throw scalding water in their faces as a surprise.

Too harsh? *evil laugh*


Ha! Let’s start of with these people. You find yourself wondering what the hell is wrong with these people. Like, seriously? What kind of parents or what kind of environment did you grow up in to be such a nasty person deep inside?

These are the kinds of friends who only appear next to you with all the ant-calling-sweet-clingyness whenever she/he (#genderequality) needs something from you. “Hey, can I borrow your homework? You’re my friends right?”. Like b*tch no, friendship doesn’t come with payments, and I certainly won’t pay for your failure. I get that as a friend we need to be able to help them whenever they are in need, but THESE people just take advantage of you why? because when it is your turn to ask a favor, they won’t even budge.

You have to look into yourself to understand if these people are worth having around for. OR you could use them for your own purposes too…

wait…no…don’t do that..please?


This person sucks so bad. Well, not really. If I could just summarize who these people are: they just don’t care. Like….AT ALL. I don’t even get why we try to be friends with this person. It’s like having a friendship with a box or probably a piece of wood, but the good thing about having friends with pieces of wood is that they could actually provide you comfort by smacking people with the wood..

but these friends don’t even care about whatever is happening to you. OH! You need someone to pick you up because you’re stuck in a dark alley (for some weird reason) and you try calling them: “Girl, can you pick me up?” Ummm, no. It’s too late at night sooo…

Augh. Damn you. So much You’ve got a friend in me -_-


These are the type of friends a lot of people keep despite their parents telling them to back of from these type of people. They are the people who slowly eat your brain out and convince you to get drunk, smoke your lungs off your chest and to use, well, I gotta say it, illegal drugs.

These people are so charismatic that it makes everything look like they are doable. But no, at the end of the day, you’d only disappointed your family and quite possible yourself.

So face it people, are they really worth hanging out with?


Thank God for Mean Girls ey? Do I even need to discuss these? These are the people who are sooooooooooooooooooo fake, you could punch them in the face

And guess what? IT. WOULDN’T. HURT.


 Now, these people just piss me off. They are amazing friends, don’t get me wrong but these are the type who would just lies like a freakin’ lawyer (ooooohhhh burn, lol just kidding…don’t sue me). I mean, they are there when you need them yes, but there comes a time where they say things to you just to make you feel like they actually do care but when you turn your back, they’re doing something else.

Its like, they say something in the first instance then lie about something else in the next. The conflict lies in this situation is that, you could never trust them. You’ve grown increasingly accustomed to them saying a lot of lies in the world that you start doubting them in even the smallest ways. Is she really missing our adventure together because she’s sick like she said or is she messing with me?


You could actually associate these kind of people with the liers. They are like two peas in a friggin’ pond that you’d like to drown them together and strangle them. EHEM EHEM. Self, too morbid. Stop okay?

These are the two faced people even worse than the plastics, I mean, the plastics insult you right in your face so you know about it, they are actually the true people if you think about it. These people, the backstabbers, literally make you sound like an angel upfront with all the praise and glory they are basking you in BUT the moment you turn your back?

Get ready for a stream of curses and insults bruh. See that knife on your back? Yup, its because of them


These people are THE BEST.

Please oh god, note the heaviest sarcasm there.

Its kind of a combination of a lier and a backstabber but worse. They are literally genuinely your friends at first. Like, you might have spent years with them together all those funny and happy moments. But there is just that one moment in life where they would suddenly spin off in an exorcist way and betray your trust so bad that you’re never the same again.

These people out of all the other fake friends you may have, decided to break those bonds of friendship and trust for personal gain that might have left you wounded.

Girl, forget about them. Seriously, these people don’t even have the right to be with you right now. I mean, who in their right mind would hurt you so bad huh?!




Last but not the least…


Too much?

Yeah yeah, I get it…the classification is too much. But who cares, they deserve the title whoopdiedoo.

These people are the combination of all of the above.

Like seriously bro? You’d even call these people you’re friend?

I guess when it comes down to it, nothing could have actually made you TRY to make friends with he devi– i mean this person, unless you were forced to do it, like you have to withstand their sass and b*tchy-ness for a long time because of maybe, work or school, and you actually have to do stuff together so you have to pretend like everything is alright when deep inside you’re seething with anger and you just wish you could go hulk and fling her out the window of a 100-floor building.

*deep sigh Good times…..good times…
Let’s face it, you’re stuck with this person for a long time. Might as well make it worthwhile right? But the crazy thing is ITS NOT WORTH IT.
So go ahead and lie to yourself that you could actually control that deep seated anger inside of you because I have news for you bud, if you don’t fix your problem (i.e. by talking to her/him) then you’re gonna find yourself erupting like a freakin’ volcano and just surprise everybody with your inborn b*tchiness and everything will just crumble at your feet.
Learn to control your devil. Be THE BOSS.
(Not really the greatest advice every but meh)
– Mindless Adventurer

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