The Other End of the Line…

A/N: I totally missed the completion of my own post last Saturday…and you guys know why?!

I watched Avengers on IMAX. EFF YEAH.



Everyone has been on the receiving end of n argument. Don’t even argue with me on that!

(See what I did there? *high fives self*)

The thing about arguments is that it is rarely one sided. The story behind all those screams of frustrations, grunts of anger and sarcastic statements all correlates to the inability of the human mind to concede to the wishes of others. I mean, let’s face it, no one wants to be wrong right? At the end of the day, we all want to have what we want the way we want it. But life comes crashing through the party and ruins everything.

The story behind every argument is also the least of all appreciated of everyone.Why? Because what matters is what I WANT TO SAY. Nothing else. I need to force and push my beliefs and ideologies to the unfortunate receiver of the argument.

In an argument, no one is wrong. Well, technically….wait….Ok, let me start again. In an argument both parties are wrong, because the both of you are so frustrated with not getting what you want that you have chosen to endanger the friendship or whatever relationship status you have just to get what you want. See? Both of you are to blame, and no one, but the both of you could resolve the problem.

Yet here comes the nagging question, why are parents so insulted when their kids answer..well, back?

I am by far not situated to understand the parental mind, as I am not one myself, but everyone has been in the shoes of the child being endlessly lectured for a teeny-tiny mistake for hours on end.

Oh, I’m exaggerating? Nuh-uh.

I may have been one of the most frustrating child when I was young (no regrets there am i right?) but I fail to understand how some parents plan on disciplining their children JUST because they think its proper. Okay, go on smack that poor kid’s behind with a severely-thickened belt and buckle you have. Gee, that really brings the discipline up a notch.

I guess in all my years being scolded by my parents (Gotta love their energy), I have understood that parents themselves, sometimes, don’t know how to really properly handle their kids. Yes, they were young once, but the severe generation gap between the kid and the parent hinders the parents to understand that even though you have tried to control your children throughout their lives, the culture and environment the kid will grow up on and is currently living in will always be different from where you were accustomed to.

See? Was that hard to understand?

I guess what I am really trying to say is that the world needs a little less of the mouth and a lot more of the ears. Arguments last because the heart has been battling over the heart of the other, no matter how you look at it, they would either end up with an insanely awkward relationship or just plain faking out the temporary peace.

The mere fact that you chose your own desires over listening and trying to comprehend what other people wanted and make it work for the both of you, makes everyone human. But being human doesn’t rob us the chance to do better.

Listen a little more, emotions bring about the down fall of every relationship. And I believe anyone would hate it if their friendship would be broken just because of uncontrolled emotions.

Just listen.

 But remember, the heart and the ears could only take so much.

Understand what happens and what is your rival’s story and if in the end, you believe that you absolutely cannot alter your ideologies to mingle with theirs, then walk it off my friend.

Walk it off.

Because a friend who can’t understand and prioritize peace over your long standing relationship, is not worth the effort, and the time.

Handle yourself with care, but give everyone else the luxury to witness the kindness in your heart.




– M.A.


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