That special woman…

Waking up, you stretch your arms like a little worm and cuddle your pillow loudly begging, “Augh, 5 MORE MINUTES!”

The alarm clock won’t stop ringing and you don’t even have the slightest motivation to life your hands up and smash that tiny noise box into pieces. You drag your butt by the edge of the bed and place your feet on the floor. You slowly open your eyes while rubbing those little boogers out of the way and you blink your way into reality.

You stare at your room for a long time…..

You’d think that you’d get used to waking up to go outside and survive the day. Exhaustion doesn’t even suffice how you feel right now. Its not the physical weakness everyone complains about….its about that emotional stop sign saying, “This is enough. Let’s just stop.”

But you can’t. You force yourself to stand up, heave yourself out of the bed in the count of 5 and lazily walk to the bathroom to clean up. You switch on the light, stare at yourself in the mirror for solid 10 minutes and look at how much life has damaged you. Yes, we have our own cuts and bruises, and the thing is only a few people can see them because you hide them in your smile.

You shower and brush your teeth, hoping that cleanliness will help you feel better about the day. It does, for a little bit. You dress up, picking out the least appropriate outfit for work. Of all the clothes you have, you pick that? *grumbles* yeah.

You force your feet on the floor to take those steps to your kitchen and prepare yourself some OJ and PB Sandwhich. Looking at what you “tried” to make, “Well, this is as good as its gonna get” . You munch your way into depression and consume that meager breakfast

You pack your stuff and head out into the cold cold world. As you get into the car, it won’t start. Cursing out loud, you punch the steering wheel repeatedly so hard out of frustration, that it drew blood. GAAAAH! Could this day get any worse?!?!!??!

*rumble in the sky – start of falling droplets on the windshield*


You pointlessly yell at the car to start and hear that glorious grumbling sound of the car. Thank God, now you can leave. You have your way out of the road and start cruising through the dense traffic in the heavy rain. You’re afraid to open the stereo in for it might totally break down your car in the middle of the road, which leaves your brain open to roam in the depths of despair in the desolate rain inside a car.

You arrive at your work half and hour late pissed off because you know that your boss would probably come short of yelling the life out of him just to force your tardiness harder in your face. You dread going out of the elevator so you spend your net 30 minutes staying in it going up and down the full flights of the 20 floor building. Congrats, now you have seen what every department looks like.

You huff and breathe deeply and get yourself ready for the 1 hours lecturing with your boss with you mumbling “I’m sorry” when you know you’re not pffft…

You spend the day filing papers, being ordered around, running errands that is totally out of the college course you took for years. So you grumble your way into physical exhaustion, staying last for everyone to prepare to leave and call it a day, because you’re just too good an office mate.

You stare at the hands of the friends you have waving goodbye and slowly close the lights of and walk to your car. You forgot your umbrella inside your cubicle and you rush back screaming bloody murder to get it back. The door’s locked.

GADDAMIT!”  Punching the door with everything that you’ve got, you rush to your car which is parked miles away from the door and get in, drenched and physically exhausted. You shed some tear at how life is f*cked up. And you pick up the phone. You press dial and listen to the voice on the other end of the line.

Hmm….yeah….*deep sigh*….yeah…okay…bye” …….you hit END and whisper “I love you, I wish you were here.”

You keep your head down the steering wheel and rest a bit, shedding a few tears along the way. You wipe yourself and start backing up and driving back home.

As you pull in front of your house, you see the lights were left on.


Grumbling to yourself you open the lock of the door with your key and dropped it next to the counter.

You walk dejectedly to the kitchen to spare yourself a meal alone in your home.





Hey honey, I prepared your favorite! Welcome home sweety. I thought I’d come over since you didn’t sound right when you called.”


You look up and you see the most important woman in your life.

The woman that can bring back the smile in your face, after a sh*tty day in life.

Hi Mom.”

You rush towards her…..



I love you, thank you so much for being here.”


– Thank you,

Mindless Adventurer


p.s Who took a 2 week hiatus?! I DID!

#noRegrets (well, maybe a bit)

Anyhoo, I had a lot of trouble these past few weeks. And I decided I needed a break for a bit.



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