Since you’ve been born…

I can’t remember how many times in my whole blog I might have said that life is f*cked up. I mean, i sill don’t get it why life has to bite your a*s out every single day for trying to live your life well.

Seriously, humanity should have the annual, “Congratulations you’ve lived through the day” awarding. Come on, waking up so early in the morning to face your troubles must have been worth something right? Despite knowing that today might be worse that yesterday, or better (for those who look at the glass half full), then why the h*ll are we not funding this?

I swear to God, when I become famous, I’d literally have a holiday for Procrastination. So please vote for me.


All days of my life I have been riddled with countless troubles that, for some, they may seem meager and unimportant, and for the “other” some, it may seem such a big deal. It depends on your standpoint. But on mine though, I can literally say that I have started to pity myself for all the obstacles I have to push through just to reach my goal: Pure….and constant…Happiness.

In life, rarely do we find that “something” that could have made us truly happy. Its like having a portable stand up comedian or plushy toy at your side that the simple thought of it would bring the rarest of the smiles to your forlorn face.

That is saying something.

And the thing about humanity is that, that “rarity” of happiness that we come to acquire tend to slip out of our fingers because of the fact that sometimes, we wallow so hard on our own sorrow that we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. But hey, who cares about the freakin’ light when thousands of monsters are chasing you in the darkness?

Well then, I gotta say..

Humanity is sooooo pessimistic.

But yeah, there are moments when we encounter these glorious things and people for salvation, and all I can say is hold on to it and to them. I know that we have our own troubles, some worse than others, some not, but at the end of the day, as we struggle along our bedrooms praying for that good night sleep after long hours of rejection, we see that special someone (or something, whatever floats your boat) that you would think, “hey, I’d spend a few minutes of my waking time with it/her/him.”

And that is when humanity has learned to grow.

You start appreciating the small stuff, because they are truly the ones that matter the most.

To have someone be there for you, be it a friend, a best friend (YEAH. THERE’S A DIFFERENCE), a lover, a partner, a spouse, is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

They are the people who chose to actually love you despite your shortcomings, I mean, personally you would have run away from yourself too from all the craziness, but these people chose to stick with you because they possess that heart of gold. Cliche, yes, but true.

That friend that could be overly busy with her own life and her own problems, but the moment you open your social media profile to chat with him/her and they’d actually take the little precious time of to talk to you and say “hi” is so precious, you don’t even know.

The concept of love these people pour over pessimistic humans like myself, gives me the sense of love incomparable to anything else. When they make time for people like us, makes every little second worth the wait.

Yes, we have our differences, we piss each other off all the time and fight over small things, but the reality is at the end of the day you can’t even spend a single minute angry at her/him because your heart is wired to shower nothing but love to the person who chose to be there for you at your weakness.

A true measure of any relationship is the capability to find love in hate and to stand tall by that love through and through.

And for people who need people like these? All I can say is that we gotta learn how to hold on to them better.

Prove them that the love they honorably provided to puny humans like myself, is worth more than the rarest of the gems in the world.

Finally, I dedicate this post to the long time friend I have. Of all the words in the world, all I can offer you right now that could suffice is the most heartfelt “THANK YOU” for everything you did for me.

Since you’ve been born, I thank God for letting me meet someone like you.”

I love you, you know that psssshhh…

You know who you are *wink*





Happy Happy Birthday ā¤



– Thank you

Mindless Adventurer

p.s To everyone else who has a birthday today, Happy happy birthday!

p.p.s. I promise to be back soon šŸ™‚ need to sort out some troubles! The craziness continues!!


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