It has taken me years to understand one point about myself. And I discovered that this “something” actually makes me feel good about myself, not because its about aesthetics like looks or whatevs, but its something unique….something..


(which is I gotta say I have long realized about myself..ON TO POST)

I am a highly observant person

*cue superhero music* 

*cries internally I don’t have superpowers*

Seriously its like in my eyes, even though given the point that I’m wearing thick glasses for life that if I might lose them its like living in Narnia not knowing where to go and all that -you get the point, I see the smallest possible things that no one even notices about and I form a conclusion instantly.

Guys with a red stain in front of his perfectly ironed polo shirt? He just enjoyed a delicious hotdog ealier.

 Okay maybe not entirely useful and sensible…

*deep sigh*

I just can’t seriously think of an example right now on how observant I am. I notice how some girls walk in a limp while wearing high heels (meaning when I push them they will fall straight to hell without a doubt – mean I know *mwahahaha*), I see that this guy looks at her girl so casual and what not, checking out other “girls” that pass bye subtly.

Not so subtle my friend. You perv.

I’d rather not let humanity know how much of their behavior I have observed for the past years, might wake them up of their egoistic tendencies and bash me for making them see the truth.

This trait has its ups and downs.

I mean, I can privately snicker at random people I see across the street picking their nose and looking at their “harvest” a little too much like they’d wanna eat it. “Ewww bro…just plain…eww”

Or I can giggle behind everyone’s back whenever a b-quadripple-asterisk would silently let out a huge fart graciously while making sure her boyfriend doesn’t smell  it. 
Trust me I’ve seen too much of humanity.
The downside in all this is not even the gross habits of people. No, its the realization that I can see through what my friends are saying and doing.
Its like seeing people in a whole new light that initially you didn’t notice those bad quirks they have. I admit, initially I never read people I grow close too so much because it makes me feel like I’m invading too much of their privacy, its called respect. I wanted to give them the chance to show me their true selves to me and be honest.
….But…there comes a time when the slightest bit of your movement unintentionally annoys your friend and they brush it off at the moment, only to grow a deep-seated anger towards you in the end. 
You start seeing the small “frowns” and looks of subtle “hate” upon their eyes that you find yourself hating your ability to see right through them. It ruins everything, so in the end, you chose to ignore those and just get on with doing what I like to do, because let’s face it that’s who I am, who you are. It may irritate them but f-triple-asterisk them.
Its sad getting to see the true faces of your friends, only to see that they are never really happy to be with you, or they find you as a competition. You run around school all day with your lazy a-double-asterisk and get low scores, WHICH you laugh off and you tell your friends, and you guys laugh it off. You discover she has a higher score than you so you tease her in being smart and legit congratulating her..
…but when its your turn to get a higher grade….yup, all friendship goes down the drain and she acts like you’ve committed the greatest insult in her life and she doesn’t return your jokes as before, yeah she laughs a bit but you don’t see the “humor” in her eyes as before.
Finding out the truth in people is a blessing…….but sometimes, I’d rather be ignorant of the truth, because once you know them personally and understand every hint of emotion from them, sometimes, its not worth it.
Know your friends.
– Thank you
Mindless Adventurer
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