If there is one thing that I could honestly say as the single thing that controls the world, I’d say its probably…


(I mean come on, the feature image probably threw you in context already)

My mom would always sprout out some non-sense every time we get the chance to eat together, but what really amazes me is her frequent exclamation about music that actually leaves me wondering about it too.

What makes music so special, that it connects people throughout the world?”

Like I was stunned at the unexpected questions, “Geez mom I dunno, our ears probably has an interior circuit gone wrong or something..”

Guess who I got my weird genes from!

Yeah, I dunno too, my mom says I’m adopted whenever she get angry at me.

“Was that a joke or—–?”


Anyhoo, I am a big fan of music. I know there exists people who don’t spend time listening through glorious strumming of instruments and enjoy pure solitude from sounds. Yeah, weirdos right?

But I guess, being an introvert like me, music becomes an escape. When I find myself stranded in a crowded area, in the hopes to pass through the torrent of people, I’d push my earphones deeper in my ear (as if that was remotely possible) – blast a loud song and put people out of my mind. Let my auditory functioning control my emotions, because damn, so far my vision of seeing tons of people is doing wonders to my instinct for “fight or flight”

Trust me……”FLIGHT FLIGHT FLIGHT” all through out.

Being a fan, I recognize the talent that a lot of people have poured over the short 3 minute song peope from all over the world enjoy. We recognize these people by patronizing their music right? We buy their songs (or illegally download them, same thing), go to their concerts and fan-girl over handsome band members (amiright?)

But I keep wondering to myself if the right people are given attention to.

Have any of you wondered why the auto-tune singers we have actually have more popularity than the natural singers out there?

Come on, there’s gotta be tons of singers who uses auto-tune to magically make their voices sound like freakin’ hallelujah every single time. And people still buy their stuff, they patronize these singers and pay for everything just to get the chance to see them, despite knowing that hearing their idols live would probably end with an ever-flowing bloodshed EARS. yeah…..not fun…

I thought about it for quite a while because I initially found it unfair that the gifted singers are not given enough credit like those other people do? Go on youtube and you’ll see for yourself the growing number of talented, totally non-auto-tune user singers we have.

So why?

I guess, when you think about it. Talent comes to all. Its a commodity all of us enjoy, because the things we know how to do, and enjoy doing really says something about talent.

Now, although natural singers are a rarity, yeah, they’re great and all, they do deserve attention to be diverted to them to appreciate who they are as a person and what they can do. But you gotta hand it to the other not-so-blessed singers, they made it up the ladder despite lacking some skill.

All I’m saying is that the world does not have any right to bash anyone from being crappy enough to sing and try. Because these people have talent within themselves, don’t you think they have this certain charisma that makes them irresistible from their loving adoring fans? that even hearing their crappy voice live don’t dampen their admiration to the singers?

Everyone has the capacity to become great. Some more than others. But the true measure on how you deserve your gift is how you use it. And apparently, auto-tune singers know their way into business, that’s their gift.

The only thing we have to really consider is to respect the natural singers talents and show them the affection we show the auto-tune singers. Trust me, I’v been to all sides of youtube and seen the darkest of insults for several artists.

Not cool bruh.

The fact that they share music for a ton of people to hear around the world, already says something of how they mold their talent to their advantage, be it reliant on technological advancement or natural born inclination to music, hell, we thank you for your music.



Speaking of natural talent…check him out (btw, he was just too awesome not to talk about haha)

– Thank you


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