Facts Parents Never Knew about School/Universities…

Okaaaaaayyy, apparently longest title I ever thought off throughout my blog.

I just literally had this idea 5 minutes ago.

Across the internet all I’ve read is both sides of the situations with which how the parents and their children see school.


Trust me the articles I’ve read will always end up with frustrations and anger with not being able to comprehend each other’s point of view quite completely. Yes, its kind of amusing to read but at the end of the day, you know that the people behind the computer really like to be able to see what is really going on with each other.

So, the childish person that I am, I decided to give parents a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to think about. I know we all went through school, we have our own experiences, but parents, please….this is a new era and school is never the same decades ago.

Disclaimer: All of these are based on personal experiences or what I’ve read, I understand not EVERYONE experiences these or thinks/feels the same way other people do.


 Bullying is not something any kid can joke about. If it happens, then the kid might be experiencing some or even personally inflicting it. The matter about the present age is that parents are too busy to be able to detect the smallest hints of hesitations among children that they are being bullied or they are bullying someone.

Why do you think waking up early in the morning to go to school sucks so bad? Its because of the fact that he has to face that bully every day. Kids on the other hand, pluck up the courage to ask help, yes I get independence and all that…go, fight your own fights, but don’t forget, there are people out there ready to fight the battle WITH you.


Ok.Too much memes for me bruh.

In the aspect of studying, it all comes two kinds of students: The A-Listers and the Slack Offs. Don’t get me wrong, being on either groups is awesome at best I mean come on, on one side you’re at the top of your game LITERALLY but on the other side you’re having the time of your life. Both sides are awesome but both sides have their own consequences and advantages, it how you play it I guess.

But the thing is, existing on either side ultimately surrounds you with obstacles that hinder you with reaching for your goals. And people need to understand that each and every student is fighting their own monsters and mending their scrapes. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM. So, no one please add to that struggle by constant stress. Reality is enough to drown them with worry, no need to add to it.


As much as there are tons of kinds of students we have, the truth is, adults have much more so. They grow like hybrids of hybrids and I don’t get it. AT ALL. Well, my point is that there exist thousands of teachers throughout the world and it depends upon your well-kept faith if you’d get the best or the worst ones in the batch.

Teachers can be awesome. Teachers can be bad. And teachers can be just….meh. And everyone has to understand that they are people too, yes, I get that, but they were hired to become mentors and expects nothing less from them. So why the hell can’t these people stop with the favoritisms, criticisms and all other -isms we have at uni/school? Come on, all of us came here to learn, not to be lectured about how the youth is “wasting time in the internet” and all that crap. Puh-leese, life lectures stay at home please.


I don’t get how my title is exceptionally long and yet my sub-titles or whatchamacallits are too short.

Let’s be honest here, who likes to spend thousands of money in a place where students are being mentally tortured? Anyone? yes? yes? Everyone? Damn.

Some people gotta understand that despite some student’s lack of potential or interest in studying, kids care for their parent’s money…(I’ll let that sink in for some of you)…..They do, they don’t show it, but they do. Despite some parent having to shove the amount of money they spend for education, it amounts nothing to the length of time that their kids worry about it too.

Trust me..they do.


Most people gotta understand, above anything else, is that, even though kids might seem like they don’t know what they’re doing with their lives……well….umm…okay, maybe a bit. But the thing is, kids think about their future more than what others give them credit for. Despite joking about not looking for a job and living with their parents the rest of their lives, its a joke to throw people of too much questions about their future because they’re planning for it so don’t pester them.

No human being can survive without planning even a little bit ahead. And these kids do, so the constant “What are you gonna do in your life?! lay around and bum all day?” really gets on their nerves, why? It shows how little confidence the people around them show and it makes their ideals and dreams seem stressful and irritating.

Let them free, help them…but let them free. These kids know what they’re supposed to do, so I guess its about time we learn to understand how they work.





– Thank you


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