Secret in a Smile…

According to psychology, a lot of people handle stress and problems in very unique ways. Some like to cry and scream in frustration, some like to stay silent and be alone in handling things..

but for some, they hide it in smiles and laughter.

I never knew why people do this, or better yet, why I do this. Until now.

I’m trying not to sound all ominous and all that, but I’ve been observing things and somehow I understood.

People all around the world experience life in different ways. Some may have been brought to the world being fed with golden spoons, and some, may could not even afford to be fed every single day.

It makes humanity unique. And yet, this uniqueness is what makes us miserable.

I have always triumphed with making people happy, I’m not bragging or anything, its just, I look to it that I leave a single laughter among the people I love. Its not something that was taught to me in school, but its the desire to let anyone know that happiness is but a single smile away.

And yet…

I find it unfair that the massive amount of effort I place to make people happy, does not equal to the efforts they return.

I woke up to the reality that people will not always care whether you’re happy or not, all every one cares about is IF they are happy themselves.

But does anyone really understand the struggles of being like me?

We are the kind of people who laughs the loudest, giggles the hardest and smiles the brightest.

And yet, no one will ever know..

The pain inside.



Masking fear, pain and sadness is much a sport to us than anything else. We triumph over hiding everything from everyone. We pat ourselves in the back if we made it a day without anyone realizing what we’re going though all these years.

but, deep inside, we yearn for you to see us.

People have learned throughout their lives that masking the pain is easier than explaining the reason behind it. Its easier to laugh it all out and make it a joke than have someone listen to your woes and troubles only to find it worthless in the end.

Do you know how it feels when someone opens up their whole heart to you, only for you to have it ripped apart right before our eyes?

Its hard enough opening up and trusting someone, and its even harder for someone to understand what we are going through.

Why shed a tear when I can just brush off the sad situation and spend a few giggles along the way?

Why sulk when I can just pretend to have fun and forget all my problems in a snap?

But to tell anyone the truth, it never works.

It makes the pain worse.

Having to go through constant struggles in life, the amount of pain people go through tend to decrease in a tolerable amount, why? because we start living through it and accepting it no matter what. And that is how we cope.

But every single time we mask the pain with joy, it all comes crashing down hard.

Its painful enough to endure sadness alone, and spending laughter to fool people takes as much energy as healing a broken heart.

And yet, we still do it. Why?

Maybe it comes to the fact that we are the kind of people who understand pain in a different level, that we cannot fathom it when we realize that our loved ones are experiencing sadness, same as yours, so we try to liven up their spirits. We try to make them happy at the cost of our happiness. Because that is what we do, we fake a smile to let others see that the world is somehow perfect.

I always believed that the happiest people are the loneliest, because they are the type of people who perfected the craft for years and years.

So whenever someone jolly tries to strike a serious conversation, trust me, listen well and listen hard, because they re opening their hearts to you and leaving themselves vulnerable.

I don’t understand why people have to laugh off other people’s problems. It was never a joke, and the smallest things matter, why can’t people understand that? Oh right. No one really cares.

But hey, let this be a wake up call for both sides of the party.

No one can truly be happy because life was never made that way..

Yes we fight our way through problems, and we let our masks take over.

But at the end of the day, there should be one single person who is willing to take the mask of for you and see the pain inside.

That’s when you know someone really cares.




 One day perhaps you’ll find him/her, hold on and don’t let go.





giphy (4)

– Thank you

– Mindless Adventurer

p.s. A bit of a sad piece forgive me 🙂


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