Never thought you’d see that huh?

To take a break from the 2 depressing posts I had recently, I give you this 🙂 Enjoy


Dubsmash is a thing.

And being the boring old me, I never understood why it became popular all of the sudden with random people just posting short clips of themselves all over the internet.

But, I gotta confess, some were hilarious, annoying but some are just friggin’ amayzing.

Here’s one that I stumbled upon. (It’s too cute not to share)

Btw, up top to the K-Pop EXO fans out there. *wink* (you’ll know why, click the link below)




Now your day has been fulfilled. Don’t tell me you haven’t replayed this video more than once? Coz I did! hahaha 🙂

If they spent hours planning for this short AMAZING video, what’s your excuse not to do something awesome today? 🙂

– M.A.


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