Who deserves it?

Does he/she deserve a second chance?

Before I even try to answer this question, keep in mind I am not the most sane person you could have ever listened (or read) to in your life therefore fair warning, I would like to ask everyone first what ‘second chance’ really is. Why bother giving this special gift to someone if anyone does not even understand the concept of such gift?

Well, newsflash. I don’t know either. *manic laughter*

Fine, fine, I’ll open the dictionary for you (going retro yeaaah) Second Chances….hmm…”opportunity to try something again.” 

I’ll just let that sink in.

(like Titanic? NOPE too soon)

Let’s piece it out. (This is surprisingly turning out to be an English lesson rather than a decent blog post – welp, welcome to my page) Opportunity and chances have been closely linked to second chances that this concept does not exist without those 2, and yet, a ton of people in the world cannot remember this simple fact. It may be a consequence of human nature or is just a mere alteration of memory, I honestly don’t know. All I know is that people tend to abuse this instance.

And the girl is left torn due to this

How do you know if someone deserves a second chance?

I guess,  no one could really answer that unless you have already given it and maybe regretted or felt grateful after accepting him back. Regret in knowing that you should not have done it because of all the pain and grief you have gone through and gratefulness to know that everything is finally over.

But why is it so hard to give the chance to someone?

It all comes crashing down when the confusion sets in because one of the things you have valued the most has been broken. TRUST. The funny thing about relationships is that when you start developing feelings with each other both unconsciously deposits drops of trusts in a their hearts until it becomes this big jar within themselves. Now this jar, is kept safe through years. It can be pushed a bit, it can be knocked down a bit but there comes a time when the force becomes too strong and the jar breaks into pieces. Not in half, but in pieces, because it is far more hard to pick up broken pieces that to pick up two whole ones, and trust, being the special malevolent force of any relationships, make it a whole lot harder.

Why give my trust and my heart to someone if he/she broke my heart and trust anyway?

Well, all I gotta say in the long run is that no one knows what kind of person he/she is in real life and how he/she acts in a relationship more than you and no matter how long you may listen to someone about trusting other people or sacking that person outta your life, it is you who understands the situation better than anyone else. So you gotta ask yourself one question.

Is it worth it?

Nothing makes second chances worth when you know that the person you’re offering it to is worth the effort. If the person have become a violent person either verbally or physically, then don’t even bother with second chances. No one deserves a painful romance, despite the dramatic prose of it. Are they worth going through building through the jar of trust all over again? Or will you just spend your days consciously being paranoid if and when he/she would break it all over again? Don’t even bother giving him/her chances, why? Because they are humans too, they might have erred but you don’t have to inflict pain just for them to understand the pain you went through, because at the end of the day, no one will thank you for it, not even yourself.

My guess out of all the things I have said, is that everyone deserves a second chance (except violent people pfft), and it all depends on how prepared you are to take them back and how prepared they are to make up for it. Its not about inflicting pain, not about proving who trusted more, not about who cheated and who failed in the relationship, but its all about if the relationship and the people in it is mature enough to accept the challenge.



Everything will be a challenge  The question is, is your heart ready for it?





Thank you



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