Hello again dearest friend…

Wow. Surprise! I am actually back sitting with my laptop in front of me and typing crazy things again for my virtual diary (yes, this is my virtual diary if you must know *wink*). I think I may have lost the magic during my 2 year hiatus but hey, I found the courage to open up again and talk (well, in this case, type).

I won’t sit here and pretend that nothing happened, because believe me *scoff* a lot of things did, some good, some bad and some just great. Do I have an excuse for my absence? (Lowkey don’t I get a free pass? Pretty please?) Honestly, I don’t have one other than life went and trampled itself in my way and made me stumble and fall.

By the way I figured out that looking at the outlook of this site looks a tad bit dreary because all is black. Fixed it folks. *wink*

Ok self. Redeem yourself and explain. Why am I back? Hmmmm…Good Question, next! 


Two years ago I opened up this site and posted (quite religiously) for a few months, but I had to ask myself why I even started until I sat alone thinking over the question. But actually the answer was simple enough, I was in a whole lot of stress during those days or heck, years. This “stress” mainly existed on what I do and I could say, in all honesty, that what I am doing does not really make me happy

So why were you doing it? You may ask. Well, simply, for the people who need me. I cannot just jump and spring myself out of my situation and just be done with it, I had to endure the pain and the stress and hope one day I’d be done with it. That’s how things are in real life, you have to suck up and endure. The thing was, enduring became too much of a hassle that it became legitimately painful and I needed an outlet, thus this site.

So why am I back?

Would anyone kill me if I said I actually don’t know? Really. I really don’t know. All I know is that now? I am happy, in a long long while. And I only realized this as I was typing this same. exact. sentence. (Kudos to me huh? 🙂 ) I can actually say to anyone who is unfortunate  (haha) enough to read this, that I am happier than when I first sprouted words for this site. And I find myself opening WordPress again and sharing it. Well, some of it I hope.

I can’t really stand (or sit) here and tell you that things will be the same, because I sh*t you not it won’t be. And I think its a good kind of change. WOW BIG WORD. I don’t know if I can keep at this regularly as before or not (hopefully I can *fingers crossed*), or if I can open up my laptop and type again after this fully random post.

But here’s what I can tell you for certain, I became a different person (not entirely, just bits and pieces) from who I was years ago, and I think I’ll keep this side of me and the thing is, I’d like to share it with you again on our adventure.

I can’t say anything much than I feel myself smiling again posting this. THAT is a big deal. And I truly….TRULY..hope you’ll be with me again on this adventure.

Til next,

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