The Rainbow-Spangled Banner…

Disclaimer: If you are easily offended or if in any time during this post you feel offended I apologize, it is not my intention to offend anyone at all I wanted is to get a point across. Thanks!


I’d like to start with a story first with this post: I was with my EL PADRE (My father, I just like calling him this to joke with him) in a car. We were casually driving through when we noticed a commotion on the other side of the street. What I saw were people, most of them males, marching and holding up banners protesting about LGBT rights. I am used to seeing protests around my area but this particular one struck me.

I, being the insanely curious daughter that I am, asked my father….ehem…EL PADRE…about what his thoughts were about their cause. And let me tell you, I was shocked to say the least. Why? Because I did not know how much our values differ when we share the same blood, the same house, heck..even the same environment. But, I take no offence and I respect that.

The LGBT community are becoming more vocal on their rights in the recent years, as compared to before, I can happily say that they have attained an increased amount of respect from people (which if I may say so myself, they DESERVED).


I told my friend once, “I am legitimately afraid of Gay people.

WAIT WAIT WAIT. LET ME EXPLAIN. I think this statement needs a sh*tload of explanation, so here’s one.

I am a generally shy person, I won’t talk to you unless you talk to me especially if you’re a stranger, and it always angers me that I am so afraid to take the first step to even greet a stranger. But here’s the thing, people in the LGBT community are so different from me that the amount of love for themselves is so overwhelming it feels unreal.

They have the capability to say whatever they want, WHEN they want and how they want it said. And that is a trait I never even grasped in all my years of existence. It amazes me how some of then could just brush against my shoulder in greeting and say ‘Hey girl, I love your shoes.’ then flip their hair and walk away while I am left standing there like an idiot gaping at their backs like ‘What…I…uhm…thanks?’. I could never find myself approaching a stranger and say ‘Hey, I like your bag where’d you buy it?’. It would probably come out as ‘Hey….uhm…yeah..bag..bye!’ #Awkward #Facepalm #IamHidingForever

So maybe, the statement is truly wrong, I am not afraid of Gay People, they just surprise me, for the lack of a better word. There, that’s a more acceptable statement.

The biggest thing about them that surprises me the most is how much they love others and how much they love themselves. Honestly people, who never met one who just doesn’t ooze with self confidence and self-love huh?! They flaunt themselves as who they are with no qualms about what society things of them, because in all honesty, they are pretty tired of living to the society’s expectations, however unfair they may be.

They have the capacity to just open up like a book and share who they are to anyone who asks. And you know another great thing about them? Friendship. I can fairly say that I have been surrounded by groups of friends where at least one of them turned out to be either Gay or Lesbian or whomever, and lemme tell yah, that friendship is for keeps. They have this capacity to share love with people amongst them that it amazes me how society have kept this bunch of amazing people from seeing their true selves when they have actually evolved into an INFINITELY better individual because of who they TRULY are.

Now I understand some people may think them queer or straight up weirdos because of their own twisted sense of values and I respect that. I respect that everyone has their own views and some people find it hard to grasp how two men or women can be married and live in full wedded bliss all their lives. I. Respect. That.

I guess it all comes down to that.


In the truest sense of the word, it is one of the greatest things we can offer this special bunch of people because you may twist the world, or turn it upside down, these ‘LGBTs’ are people like me and you, they just have a special way of loving others and I think there is no harm in that.

I am not advising you to take sides whether to accept them or not, its your choice, its your own value system and I understand that we are all different. But all I’ve got to say is a little ‘thank you’ to the world today as we come closer to respecting these people more and appreciating that despite our differences in sexual preference, there is really nothing wrong with loving someone.

And hey! How can you every say anything bad to the people who have faced their fears and came out as who they are now despite all the obstacles, all the insults and even abuse that they faced? Now that’s what I call COURAGE.

So, to all our fortunate and special friends out there, KUDOS TO YOU for being who you really are and loving yourself for it.


Again, Thank you. Til’ next.

  • M.A.



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